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Tuesday , December 6 2022

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3 Biggest Social Media Trends to Know for 2016


Social media networking websites are itself a great source to know about what is trending. In order to get updates and be up-to-date with social media, you must know what the social media trends are. For this reason, social media sites at all times innovate the way users get involved. …

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Prudent Path for Education Startups


Boom of startups is running right now, in every possible domain. Education too is not behind in this tough fight. Education startups, products, websites are no doubt seeking the attention of the student fraternity, but, concerning point is that they are not sustaining. Owning a business with own rules and …

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3 ways Entrepreneurship has Changed Communication


Business now a days is not the same that used to be 20 years ago. Thanks to the emerging enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship has made a huge impact on all aspects of business right from managing the employees to communicating with the customers. The way of communicating has changed ever since …

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How Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives


Artificial Intelligence has brought about some thrilling transformations in our lives and it is apparent that AI and robotics will continue to surprise us in near future. Machines are taking over tasks which are too boring or too dangerous for humans. There are systems programmed to serve us in household …

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The Funnel Concept for Growth Hackers

When we talk about funnel, we come to think of a device that is used to direct the flow of a liquid that usually flows unpredictably, to a specific location. This is somewhat similar to what we need to achieve using growth hacking tactics. As we move from the top …

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