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Thursday , July 18 2024

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3 Biggest Social Media Trends to Know for 2016

3-biggest-social-media-trends-to-know-for-2016Social media networking websites are itself a great source to know about what is trending. In order to get updates and be up-to-date with social media, you must know what the social media trends are. For this reason, social media sites at all times innovate the way users get involved. They try to improve their usability by adding some new features or cut some useless facilities. Although social media lets you know latest updates to keeps you engaged with them, but you should also know these trends to get better involvement.

Recently, social media sites are competing with each other with their advanced features, they promise the best practices for user convenience. It is great to see this competition where every time they give you some ‘wow’ moments with their exceptional features. Let’s explore 3 biggest social media trends to know for 2016:

Social as a Discovery Engine

Recently, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have all updated their search functions. The user will be able to do a more advanced search, noticeably brand companies are looking at this option that can attract traffic. Soon, this will become a vast discovery engine to find people and their information.

Social Video Innovation

As Facebook launched ‘360 videos on Facebook’ and Twitter launched native video, social videos seem to rule the video content world. Social media videos are reportedly overtaking YouTube and gaining more popularity. Snapchat, Periscope, and Meerkat at present have an increasing number of users who visit their platform to watch videos. Even marketers require an agile strategy to deliver compelling video content. They say video content is the most effective tool, especially on social media platform.

Social Customer Care

Social customer care or live chat with the customers on social media is emerging as the new branding. It is a great thought while most of the brands are focusing on advertisements. The users will be able to leverage their brand’s services like live chat or support. It will improve customer experience and build core values like trust and transparency.

The Bottom Line

More trends and features are also in the box (with the thoughts outside the box) including increased social ad spend, rise of buy button, rise of affiliate social marketing and sophistication of influencer marketing that will bloom in 2016.  Social media platforms may seem a marketplace to you, but it will become as flexible as to fit into your workplace. Keep up with the latest social media trends.

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