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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Conferencing Tools Product Review – Meeteor

Conferencing-Tools-Product-review- MeeteorMeeteor is one of the best conferencing or web-based meeting management platform. The app helps you conduct meetings in a more productive manner. It lets you have a meeting that generates a greater impact by communicating the agenda and next steps more clearly with an increased engagement from the teammates. The app lets you use the best practices while you are planning and facilitating the meeting. It allows you to make a more productive usage of the time by minimizing rehashing of an earlier conversation as you can easily refer to the previous meeting discussions. Also, it lets you integrate the meeting outcomes with the tasks that you’re performing. The apps consist of some innovative features to transform your meeting experience right from preparing to executing as well as following it. The startup is co-founded by Mamie Kanfer Stewart and Marcella Kanfer Ronick.

Editions and Pricing

The app is currently in beta. The free version is available for small sized teams with up to 5 members. For larger teams, it starts with $29/month for six users. Otherwise, it costs $5 per user per month. If yours is a group of more than 40 members, you can contact them to discuss a pricing plan for your team.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Meeteor_AgendaCreate Meeting Agendas
You can use the agenda template to plan meetings by following the best practices. You can send out the agenda before the meeting or just start the meeting right at the moment.



Keep up with tasks and Decisions
You can record all the tasks and backburner items in the tasks section. You can find all the key decisions taken during a meeting and the reasons behind those decisions in the decisions section. Also, there is a learning section where you can keep a record of all the important learnings and ideas for future reference.


Meeteor_TasksOne place for all tasks
Meeteor task manager can be used to keep track of all your daily tasks. It automatically adds all the tasks that are assigned to you during the meeting to your list of tasks. This way you never miss an important assignment.



 Meeteor_DecisionsProductive Usage of Time
Meeteor saves your time spent in revisiting earlier conversations. You can easily keep everyone aligned with prior decisions with an explanation of how they arrived at that decision so that you don’t have to stress over recalling an earlier conversation and instead focus on the next steps.



Meeteor_WorkspacesCreate Workspaces
You can create different workspaces for different teams, departments, projects or any other organizational arrangement you like. This will enhance better engagement of team members.


Mobile Accessibility

Though the Meeteor mobile app is  in beta, it’s available on iTunes store now.


Meeteor integrates with HipChat and Outlook. You can create a Meeteor meeting directly from your Outlook calendar by installing the add-in. The Google calendar integration will be released in Summer 2016.


The tool provides support via in-app knowledge center search, support tickets, and email support. You can also subscribe to the Meeteor Blog to access weekly meeting best practices.

Pros and Cons of Meeteor


  • Keeps track of all the tasks, decisions and learning.
  • Prepares the team before the meeting to have a productive conversation.
  • Meetings are properly summarized so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Tasks assigned are automatically integrated into daily work.


  • Not available in mobile version.

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Meeteor is easy to use solution for meeting management that disrupts company culture. It helps your organization with a thoughtful planning of agenda, recording crystallized decisions and integrating tasks into daily work. With this app, no meeting can go unproductive as it takes care of the full-circle of the process from preparation to running and following up the outcomes.

For more Details, please visit Meeteor Website.

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