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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Best Marketing and Sales Tools Product Review- Z-thru

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-review-ZthruAn effective and efficient Marketing Solution is what any business needs to flourish. With almost everything gone automated, it becomes a lot challenging to maintain and carry out the task of marketing manually.

One of the best and most efficient solution for marketing and sales can be Z-thru. The tool offers a secure and easy to use platform that enables you to send leads directly to sales based on their location, sales expertise or availability.


Editions and Pricing

The pricing is based on usage. Websites with fewer visitors have to pay less than those with many visitors. All the plans start with a free 30-day trial that can be cancelled anytime.

Corporate $99.00 per month For up to 6000 visits per month
Standard $49.00 per month For up to 3000 visits per month
Starter $19.00 per month For up to 1500 visits per month
Enterprise Contact vendors For up to 1000000 visits per month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of features

zthru inboxReceive leads directly in your inbox
The tool tracks and identifies your website visitors and emails you their details at the time slot you prefer. This feature sets you free from the dependency of contact forms to know who visits your website.


zthru notificationsInstant Notifications
The application sends instant notifications when some of the specific companies or significant visitors visit your website. This can be an awesome feature for tracking competitors, media or trending prospects. Z-thru lets you know exactly when and what the audience is interested in. The Notification Section is made up two parts: Page Notifications and Company Notifications, showing notifications for separate pages from page URL’s.


ztru tack landing pagesTrack your landing Pages
You can track your landing pages. Z-thru lets you know who exactly visited your pages and where the leads came from. This can be an amazing feature to track campaign success. The statistics can be seen though the Reports feature, which shows visits, top visits, Recent visitors, Top Referring and New Referring visitors.


zthru leadsDistribute Leads Automatically
Manually distributing leads can be challenging along with other business processes, Z-thru makes this task easy by automating the process completely. It automatically distributes leads to your sales representatives based on territory.

Discover new Websites linking to you
Z-thru is capable to notify you whenever a new website sends traffic to your website. This can be a great feature to discover media mentions or for SEO improvements.

Mobile Accessibility

The tool does not offer mobile accessibility at present but can be accessed via mobile web.


The tool does not integrates with any other external application at present.


The tool offers a video support right inside the tool. The tool takes you through a tour helping you how to use the application in the best possible manner. The tool also offers FAQ’s and on request support for the users.

Pros and Cons of Z-thru


  • Efficient visitor tracking.
  • Automated lead distribution.


  • External integration with other supporting platforms or social channels could add more value to the product.

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Z-thru the tool supports script integration, right into your website. The tool also support search option that can be used to quickly access leads for users of the website.

For more details, please visit: Z-thru website .

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