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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Marketing and Sales Tools Product Review- Freshchat


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They best way to know your customer is to have a one on one conversation with them. The more you converse the more you gather information. And the information you gather can help you in the better understanding of the customer’s need. Which in turn helps in building a good customer relationship. Thus it is required to keep talking to your customers to boost your sales. Many tools are available that helps in active communication with the customer.

Freshchat is one such tool that allows you to chat with your website visitors in real time. It sends personalized messages to your visitor and talks to them even before they ask any question. Thus involving visitors in active communication thereby collecting information from them in an interactive way, helps to convert visitors into leads.

Editions And Pricing

Freshchat offers a 14-day free trial. After that the subscriptions are as follows:

Sprout Free for up to 3 Users
  • Interactive and Customizable widget
  • Offline messages
  • Mobile friendly
  • Personalized sound notifications
  • Attachments
  • Transfers
  • Browser notifications
  • Forwarding Chats to E-Mails
  • Concurrent chats, up to 3 chats per user
  • Real-time summary
  • Website path tracker
  • Chat history up to 30 days
  • Freshsales integration
Blossom $12 per user per month Sprout Features +

  • Unlimited Chat history
  • Live visitor Activity up to 150 visitors.
  • Targeted Messages

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Freshchat_activity_hubActivity Hub
It categorizes the people browsing the website in three categories:

  • The visitors whose details you don’t have. It includes those people who have visited the website for the first time.
  • The prospects are the ones who have once visited your website and you have all their details. They are your potential customers.
  • The customers are those who already had an interaction with your team and have been marked with a little crown on their profile to differentiate them from other.

Waiting tells the owner about the people who are waiting to talk to his team member. It helps ensure that the visitor’s query is quickly answered so he/she can become your potential customer. Currently, happening conversations can also be tracked by the owner. Also, searching history and context without switching the tabs is possible using this tool.


Freshchat_Catch_Up_BlockCatch Up Block
It gives information about the conversations that have been missed. Also, it tells you about the chats that are currently happening. Thus, one can easily monitor the communication between the sales team and the visitor of the website and thus help in building an effective customer relationship.


Enabling the online notification will help you get notifications about the new chat from existing users and chat transfers from other users whenever you are working on some other tab. This allows you to effective answer every query of the visitor instantly and thus increases the chances of converting a visitor to lead.


freshchat_Chat_transferChat transfer
If the customer wants a detailed information about your particular offering the chat can be transferred to the respective team member who has all information about that and who can assist the customer better. This helps in building trust relation with the prospect.



Interactive widgets make the tool all the more interesting to use. It is a completely customizable. It helps you to gather visitor information in an interactive manner. By conversing with them it helps you collect all the information that could help you pitch. Also, you have the default messages option, that contains messages sent to the visitor by default.  Like “Hello…!” message is sent when the when the users are active. Likewise, you have missed and offline default messages also. These can also be changed as per your wish. The targeted message will automatically initiate conversation with your website visitor based on some fixed rules. You can also enable chat on your mobile site using and also email the chat to keep it for records.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile app for this tool is not available.


Freshchat offers integration with FreshSales.


Freshchat offers E-Mail support.

Pros and Cons of Freshchat


  • User-friendly interface
  • Chat transfer
  • Simultaneous Conversations
  • Live chat
  • Targeted message
  • Website path tracker
  • Offline messages


  • Issues with the support system
  • No new updates


The key feature that makes the tool stand out is the live chat feature. It provides real-time engagement and personalized conversations. Along with it, it has website path tracker that help fetch all the details of the visitor.

For more details please visit Freshchat website.

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