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Monday , June 24 2024

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Best Marketing Tools for small medium business Product Review- Capsulink

Marketing-Tools Product-review-CapsulinkPages are not active all the time. With the time, the content sometimes loses value and eventually modified with fresh thoughts and new addresses. What about the old link on published pages? Do not worry about them when Capsulink is here.

Capsulink one of the best marketing tool for small medium business shortens the links and encompasses them into capsules that are your referral marketing tool. It is a robust platform to maintain your online presence.

Capsulink capsulate your links before publishing them on any web page so you can secure them for dealing with the situations of 404 errors and dead ends. It keeps backup content for such cases to present in front of the audience. Capsules will save you from losing your page’s traffic in case of updated/moved URL, and eventually establish retaining customers.

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Editions and Pricing

Pro $10/year 1 custom domain
Business $55/year Up to 3 custom domain
Ultimate $1100/year Up to 5 custom domain

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Bind your page’s link and data by encapsulating it in Capsulink’s interface. Paste the link to your data or page and secure it in a capsule. You can edit these capsules(URLs) anytime, and its links to past published pages will get updated automatically.

Here the link to your content will get shorter as per the domain you choose or create.

You can see all your stored (capsulated) capsules at one place. For any capsule, customized options are present. You can set the URL as per choice, can move it to another folder, can share it on the social platforms, and much more. Moreover, there is an option to make it private or public for your audience. For safe access, you can set a password to the capsules.

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There is no use of making secure and customizable tablets if you cannot track the progression made via them. Hence, the tool is unbeatable regarding analytics. Capsulink shows robust tracking of clicks and referral marketing regarding each of your capsule. When the capsulated link is accessed on any web page where it is present, the tool tracks it and makes a comprehensive analytics report. You can see the number of views and clicks, examining the engagement level.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the app is not available for the mobile platform.


At present, Capsulink provides integration with Facebook and Twitter applications.


The tool provides support via FAQs, message, Twitter, and Facebook.

Pros and Cons of Capsulink


  • Filters and sorting options for capsule retrieval.
  • Instant notification when broken 404 appears.
  • Private and password security.
  • Store capsules in folders.


  • The app lacks a nice looking interface.
  • It has limited options.
  • No additional features are functioning in free version.

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The platform can be used for versatile applications and therefore is perfect for Startups, companies, creators, and developers.

For more details, please visit Capsulink website.

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