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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Liberty Communication Ruling the PR World

Liberty-Communication-Ruling-the-PR-WorldLiberty Communication is one of the biggest firms in the market of PR and brand promotion. Being one of the leaders in the technology sector, Liberty Communications has grown to be generating £1.4m turnover a year. The company is an extension of any business that runs into the UK market. With a huge success rate and a lot of efforts put into the project, Liberty Communications has spread its boundaries now in the US as well.

The company, led under the leadership of Dee Gibbs, who is a highly motivated founder, has come up a long way of 17 years of success. The team is proud of their working process and their methods to garner media relationships which sets them apart from their competitors.

With huge success of the company and its successful working methods which brought them a long way of 17 years into the market, have now opened their boundaries and have set up offices in New York and San Francisco. And adding to the current journey, each day, the team keeps a track of the cash flow, debtors and creditors and P&L along with the forecast keeping a tight control of their performance and progress across both the UK and US offices.

Liberty Communications is a self-funded organization and also looks forward to investors in the future. The founder believes that that the Internet has made the biggest difference and contributes a lot in their success. Although being a technology firm, every technology breakthrough affects their business. The advancement of PR tools such as media databases and measurement tools helped their business a lot.

The social media channels and other channels of communication has also greatly helped their business to flourish with a brand new array of mobile devices. All these advancement helped their business to engage and spread across the community.

Every business, big and small faces challenges on the path of growth, Dee Gibbs states that her greatest challenge was to let go a member of the amazing team they have. Along with this, things that hampered the business’s growth is client procurement departments, and then banks who don’t understand the needs of small businesses.

The Bottom Line

The team highly believes in working ethics such as a business must not promise its clients and agencies they cannot keep as this may threaten their relationships and also hampers growth, another one is, the business must trust its employees for the work they are being paid of.

The Liberty Communication team is highly motivated to put in all the efforts and make their business shine as they believe that the market is rapidly spinning with technology changing everything and with a widespread of devices and people connecting through the social channels.

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