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Monday , June 24 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Bloomathy

marketing-tools-product-review-bloomathyThe biggest headache for any SMB owner is marketing. The extensiveness of this task becomes a challenge for small and medium sized business as it requires a lot of efforts and investment. Moreover, it ‘s hard to track the progress that is being made through marketing. Planning strategies, carrying out campaigns, observing analytics, etc. are some of the difficult tasks that require utmost attention.

Owing to the complexity and hard work involved in this process, the bright minds behind Bloomathy have tried to provide a solution via their tool. Bloomathy makes marketing a lot easier with regular checks and campaigns just a few clicks away.

Editions and Pricing

The tool offers only a free plan, but a paid plan is along the way. The free plan provides features like marketing control panel, team collaboration, 1 GB file upload, up to 5 users and 24/7 customer support. The paid plan is going to offer much more.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

bloomathy_create campaignCreate Campaigns
This feature lets you create an online campaign and allows you to set virality, expected conversions, the size of the target market with a count of actual users converted and the amount spent.



bloomathy_trafficreportsTraffic Reports
This is a very intuitive feature which lets you view a pictorial representation of your traffic on the number of users. It is a useful feature to keep track of traffic to your business.


bloomathy_active_campaign_reportsActive Campaign Reports
Business owners might have to carry out multiple active campaigns to increase the reach. This feature lets the users keep track of all the ongoing campaign at a given time.



bloomathy_completed_campaignCompleted Campaign Reports
It is important to make keen observations while dealing with attacks. This feature lets the user make comments based on the outcomes of the campaign that have been completed.



bloomathy_performance reportsPerformance Reports
A user can view the performance of a campaign under this feature with the count of the best performing channels by actual users and best performing channels by target users.


bloomathy_usermetricsUser Metrics
Using this feature, a user can track its client statistics and related data by viewing a pictorial representation of the data collected.



bloomathy_revenuemetricsRevenue Metrics
This feature lets the user keep track of income and sales changes that occurred during the various campaigns. It provides a detailed list of changes so that the user may know where the changes were made and the investment they made is paying off or not.



To keep an overall eye on marketing reach and targeted users, drive feature has been incorporated in the tool.


A user can add other users to form a team who can keep a close eye on marketing activities as it becomes quite daunting for a single person to keep track of multiple campaigns when marketing tasks increase.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool can be accessed via mobile web browsing but does not offer any dedicated Android or IOS apps.


The tool does not have integration with any other tools.


The tool provides extensive support to its users via FAQs, blog and video tutorials

Pros and Cons of Bloomathy


  • The campaign feature is very mighty and lets you create different campaigns.
  • Allows teams to manage tasks.


  • Create campaign feature shows error. Does not creates the campaign.
  • Very limited functionality as a marketing tool.


Though the tool lacks some essential features, yet it has a differentiating factor i.e. its campaign. It allows a user to create extensive campaign and manage marketing activities through it. It also allows multiple users to collaborate as a team and take their marketing activities to a higher level.

For more details, please visit Bloomathy website.

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