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Thursday , July 18 2024

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3 Ways to Make the Best of New Twitter Image Sizes

3-Ways-to-Make-the-Best-of-New-Twitter-Image-SizesAccepting the change is right for every one of us.  Be it a change that life brings or a social media feature got invented, get along and understand the way to deal with it.

Well, Twitter brought a change to its image sizes. The modification was intended to keep the real view alive and let people see the images as they are meant to be.

Do you wish to know what the change means for Twitter marketers? Do you think dealing with the new sizes would be difficult than before? Take a look at the three hacks mentioned below and extract the benefit of new Twitter sizes format:

Friend Zone with Twitter Dimensions

For your information, get a friend zone with new Twitter dimensions. Square images will appear on the desktop as 505 x 505 pixels. Small squares will get displayed as per their real and actual dimensions. The portrait images of 505 pixels tall or less will get posted in the real size but with extra space left on the right side. However, those portrait images taller than 505 pixels will get cropped. To take advantage of pixel space given by Twitter, fix your vision and make it at least 505 pixels wide.

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The vertical images put to the new size dimensions can be taken as a blessing for infographics.

Try Creativity with Multiple Image Options

Well, there has been an era of attaching multiple images to Twitter. The change has just come to the way it is displayed. The practice of randomly cropping pictures and try to fit into a single tweet is no more applicable.

Now, those Tweets that have two images will resize to 250 x 250 pixels. In the case tweet with three images, it will display one image into 340 x 340-pixel square and the remaining two into 165 x 165-pixel squares. What about tweets with four images? The main image will fit into 380 x 380 pixels, and the rest three will resize to 125 x 125 pixels.

This improvement in the post style is beneficial because it is now easier to tag the author of each post so that they get a notification and may lead to Retweet by the respective author. In addition to it, you can also tag the interested users of the content. So, the feature is beneficial to remain on top of the game.

Infographics are the way to capture leads

Do you know? Tweets that are inscribed with infographics have the potential to attract 2.4 million users in an hour. But, despite including merely the hashtag infographic, there is a better option for you. You can include the entire infographic as a Tweet image that will catch the eye of everyone who is scrolling on the screen. The infographic will look like a lean, long sized image and people will click expecting to get more prominent after opening. But, it will again appear as an image with black borders.

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You know that it is okay! Let me explain, how?

Once the users have seen a clear presentation of a beautiful and significant infographic, they will come to know that it is a massive bundle of information packed in a small size. They will probably visit your site for that bigger image, and there you can capture a lead/sell your product.

The Bottom Line

Twitter has become visual with exceptional image sizes and has brought promotional strategies for brands. So, make sure to get on board to remain on top of the game. Tell us how you are planning to use Twitter image size in the comment section below.


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