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Monday , April 15 2024

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10 SEO Link Building Tips for 2018

10-SEO-Link-Building-Tips-for-2018Link building is all about earning links on other websites. When a website earns natural links, its reputation directly improves and so does its rank on Google. There has been a talk that SEO is dead, but it is not. Not for those who can adapt to the changing rules and requirements regarding details, skills, and tools. Link building is getting more complex and advanced. Based on the changing scenario, here are a few tips you can go for this year for better link building:

Build Relationships

Look out for opportunities where you can build new contacts. Industry-specific communities or forums are a good way to start. You can make your contributions in these communities by posting something interesting and relevant. These posts will help you in many ways; you will get to connect with people whose interests are similar to yours, and you will stay updated with the latest industry trends and new.

Guest Blogging

Many websites welcome guest bloggers to publish an article on their website provided that you do not use that platform to market your product or company and the article is of good quality.

Get Listed in Trustworthy Directories

Getting listed on these websites will make it easier for search engines to rank your website and it will help people to find you easily online. Keep in mind that you get listed on directories that are valuable to internet users like Dmoz.

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Ask for Backlinks

Beginners can start off this way. You can ask for a backlink from any of your friends, relatives or colleagues who own a blog to include the link in their content. If you want these links to be impactful, you should make sure that the website you choose for the backlink is relevant to your niche.

Start Blogging

Start writing regular blog posts. Create content that is relevant and valuable. It will not help if you write a single blog post that contains backlinks. It is rather risky. Keep your blog alive.

Find Out your Mentions

Find out if someone else has mentioned your product and ask them to add a link to your website.

Look Out for Opportunities

Look for a good website or a blog that is relevant to your product. You can use these sites for placing your backlinks.

Social Media

Give a push to your content through social media. Here you can get more visitors for your content which will promote it and share it.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Monitor your competitors to discover new ways and sources to use for link building.


Visual content is much more digestible and has the potential to go viral. It is a great way to earn more backlinks.

The Bottom Line

Creativity and constant efforts are the crucial elements of effective link building. Buying links would only do more harm than good. Try your best to earn backlinks.

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