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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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10 Free Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have


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Business management has become accessible and affordable. All thanks to the app community that has provided the platforms that ease the workflow and manages the workload to achieve excellent results. Following are the free apps that are essential for every entrepreneur for efficient work in business.

Product Details
 Armortext ArmorText is a platform that ultimately controls the messages and their privacy. Like an armor, the app offers security to the words of team or group conversation. It ensures that only associated people can access them. The app adopts encrypted files and integrated media. Moreover, you can access the app from any device with a seamless experience.
 Taskworld Taskworld is known for creating and maintaining graphs and charts. It produces sleek figures and highlights the significant working areas in the form of clean bar charts. Below the unlimited file storage security and sharing in the enterprise version, it has a free version for a five people team. Moreover, it provides options for personal chat, multiple workspaces, and unlimited members.
 Stringify Redefining the Internet of Things, Stringify is an example of the free app. It keeps everything in sync with your business and you. The full automatic functioning of the appeases your work targets with drag and drop feature.
 Tasytt If you are exhausted by hearing the word – Hiring, you will need a tool to manage the recruiting part. Tasytt performs the streamlining of onboarding team members. This way a user can have more time for the business management works. Its free availability allows one to fill out forms or training materials access quick and easy. A free version will be launched soon.
 Skyvia Businesses and their data occupy space in clouds for secure and easy data access. Thus, data integration is a requirement for an organization. Skyvia is a cloud-based service and coding; specialized training is not required here. The service syncs your cloud apps with business automation. With the free platform, you can easily import and export data between cloud applications and database.
 EasilyDo This an app that behaves as the personalized virtual assistant for the user. Just tap, and EasilyDo can manage everything from your email, meeting, shipment, to traveling. The free version of the tool consumes more than 40 features and five new contacts per month.
 Upkeep Keeping up with the task manager and requirements in real-time is a vital part of an organization. Thus, introduced Upkeep, a platform to maintain efficient management between business owners and technicians in the fields. Moreover, the free app caters various features like unlimited requestors, work orders, built-in messaging, barcode scanners, chat systems, and others.
 Varidesk Health is the key to better work. Stay active while working on VARIDESK Standing Timer. It notifies you when you need to change your sitting position and tells you about the calories you have burnt. The app monitors the progression thus helping you to get updates about your calories even while working.
 Boomerang Boomerang helps in removing nontime-sensitive emails. And all these emails will boomerang back after the time set by you. Its useful feature list includes email scheduling, a real-time calendar, inbox pause, and follow-up reminders. This zero cost tool syncs with Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Outlook, and Gmail.
 Tmetric Time is the most precious thing in organizations. TMetric tracks the time of projects and employees. It’s a useful platform as an activity timer. Suitable for both small and big firms, this tool monitor, manage, and analyze the productivity of team members and their work status. The free tool integrates with many project management platforms like Asana, Jira, Redmine, Basecamp, and others. TMetric is a friendly tool along with clean and organized dashboard.


Freely available apps can help your business to grow. These are not beneficial for small business and startups, but also significant enterprises can learn faster and efficient ways to accomplish work aims. The most important thing is these tools are free of cost with extraordinary benefits.

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