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Monday , May 27 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Glasshat

Marketing-Tools- Product-Review-glasshat

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A website is everything for the business occupation. All the surrounded attributes including marketing, services, and contacts, all land to the information hub at the site. Thus, creating and maintaining a site that attracts user and more business is an essential objective of any organization. Glasshat is a marketing tool for small medium buisness that helps you in achieving a favorable stage regarding the site’s performance.

It analyses a site and points out all the problematic areas along with necessary actions that need to be taken. It represents an action plan to resolve mandatory issues of the site and hence, helps in improving the rank of the site. You can even compare other sites and can understand about their health chart offered by the platform. Easily you can opt these actions and can achieve beneficial results with visible reports.

Editions and Pricing

The app offers a free trial for 14-days. Besides, the pricing includes ‘Popular’ plan with following details:

  • $49/month
  • 5 keywords/ 1 Domain
  • Unlimited action plan
  • Full performance report

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Product review_Glasshat_ProjectSetupProject Setup
It provides the setup interface for all the working attributes associated with your project or website. You can set the project hours that can be dedicated to it, its industry sector, ranking data source, and others. All the inputs are crucial for the background searching capability of action search engine.

The priority keywords here submit the keywords that are superior to your site. Thus, actions based on these keywords will be more important for the action engines. Also, it automatically suggests keywords based on the site content.

Product review_Glasshat_ActionsActions
It conducts a health check of the website and displays results regarding critical issues found there. It covers all the issues so you can fix them quickly using the actions suggested. Actions section contain actions, which are to be done for effective site configuration. You can add any suggested actions to the action plan.

The interface shows prioritized actions along with graphical representation. Also, filters are present to fetch quick actions.

Product review_Glasshat_actionPlanAction Plan
After the site inspection, Glasshat app displays an action plan consisting of prioritized actions. Every action recommends a solution that addresses a specific problem associated with your website. You can see the issues in the detailed manner offered by the platform. Besides, the average time is shown to complete them.

The best is, every action is given in step-by-step format for easy and effective implementation. Finish the suggested method and the app will track your progress.

Product review_Glasshat_resultsResults
This section shows up the reports based on the performance and actions executed for the website improvisation. The tool analyzes the effects of the action and it tracks down the progress in the reports automatically. Reports show the user the visibility of specific actions that helped in achieving the better ranking.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the app does not offer accessibility via a mobile platform app.


The app provides integration with Trello.


A knowledge base is present that consists FAQs, community forums, and solutions.

Pros and Cons of Glasshat


  • Keyword suggestion.
  • Filters for quick actions.
  • The list of actions in the action plan can be exported.
  • Analytical reports.


  • Sometimes, it does not show any option on the results page.

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Glasshat allows you to understand where your site is lacking in the performance. It offers actionable steps to achieve improvement and extraordinary results in the business.

For more details, please visit Glasshat website.

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