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Monday , June 24 2024

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Online HR software product review- Lusha

HR Tools Product Review- lusha

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Finding the contact details place a significant part in many organizations. Specifically, recruiter department looks for contacts of the appealing candidates. For those, what is better than the LinkedIn platform and emails of the potential resource? Dedicated to the platform, Lusha is a tool that can solve the issues of lacking in contact details.

Lusha which one of the best online hr software is a Chrome extension, and it helps in finding the personal emails and phone numbers. It saves a lot of time and resources for a company when it comes to searching contact information. With Lusha, this vital information is just a click away. It provides reliable email and phone number so that you can focus on other productive operations of the organization. It is an easy to use and highly useful tool.

Editions and Pricing

Free $0/month five phone numbers and Emails
Essential $29/month 50 phone numbers and Emails
Professional $79/month 200 phone numbers and Emails
Premium $159/month 500 phone numbers and Emails

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Product review_Lusha_LinkedInLinkedIn Profile
The primary goal of the app functions here on the LinkedIn profile page. To view the hidden emails and phone numbers associated with an account, you just need to click on the Lusha icon on the right. You can share the contact information with your team. Moreover, notes can be added to a contact.

Product review_Lusha_ReferRefer
You can refer the app to your friends or colleagues through refer section. Successful installation of the app gives more credits and hence, you can get increased space. You can use the benefit in finding more people using the credits.

Product review_Lusha_HistoryTemplateHistory and Template
The contacts already searched and reached can be seen in the History tab. On the other hand, templates of the app make sure that you deliver appropriate to the candidates. Models can be made for repeated content.


Mobile Accessibility

It works with LinkedIn on a mobile device too.


Currently, the app does not provide combination with any other app.


The app has email and online support.

Pros and Cons of Lusha


  • More credits through Refer option.
  • Easy access to the essential contacts.
  • More than one personal email address and phone numbers.
  • Email templates.


  • Only works with the LinkedIn
  • A healthy support system is needed.
  • One can refer only four friends.


Lusha gives you a better way to connect with peers. Working with LinkedIn, it offers more than one email address and phone numbers of the contacts and saves a lot of time for the recruiters.

For more details, please visit Lusha website.

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