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Monday , January 24 2022

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When Should You Expand Your Business Operations?

Reaching the stage of expansion is one of the most important steps for a business. However, identifying the day when your business reaches that stage can be rather difficult. Being hasty in expanding could have tremendously negative effects on your business. Likewise, waiting too long before expanding could effectively reduce …

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Take your business to a new level with some Experts Advice

Small businesses always need to learn and grow to survive in the market. The best part is, there are several industry leaders who share their valuable thoughts and advice to help these struggling businesses on their way to the top. One of such industry experts, Steve Strauss, has just released …

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Importance of Digital Innovation for SMEs Survival

Small and medium businesses are increasingly seeking out digital innovation to facilitate business development and survive in the competitive market. Those companies operating traditional business practices are now facing an unfamiliar world of e-commerce and IT automation. This means that digital innovation has emerged as a key to SME’s success. …

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Generate Business Ideas that Solve Problems

Small-medium businesses are the innovation hub of any industry. They are responsible for generating ideas and opportunities for the public that are revolutionary and induces tremendous change. But, these ideas are not necessarily great all the time. Most of the time, revolutionary business ideas fail as they are not aligned …

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Develop a ‘Default of Yes’ Customer Service Culture for Growth

The pandemic accelerated the uptake of new marketing strategies set in motion by globalization. Gone are the days of competition strictly based on prices and product quality. Nowadays, customers want and in most industries get great service with high quality. Hence, it is imperative for businesses to develop their customer …

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Simple Metrics to Determine Your Company’s Valuation

The pandemic has revealed some fatal flaws in the business world. Businesses not thinking long-term suffered the worst fate. Generating revenue is no longer the only quality you look for in a successful business. The methods used by businesses to grow and add value to their organizations are key determiners …

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