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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Improving Customer Services

Muscle memory holds an important place in the lives and careers of the people who play a sport or plays an instrument regularly. It is how your body remembers your string pattern for a guitar or a move in the play of tennis game.

A similar trait is observed in the corporate world, as well, especially in the case of a customer service employee. These are ones that serve the general public during the days and through the nights. Their communication takes place face to face, on the chats, or over the phone calls. The muscle memory, as explained above, differs in this case. Here, all that plays an important role is the mental muscle memory. This memory is shaped so that the customer representatives become more helpful, actively listens, and does everything to get a yes from the customer.

These mental muscles are trained enough; they will help you serve your customers at their best, both spectacularly and consistently, even on the days when you are too exhausted, and your customers are less understanding. Such a muscle memory will make you a rigid professional and make you go less of an extra mile.

The industry leaders of the companies that are dedicated to customer service projects observe this trait in the employees at the time of recruitment. Most of the organizations, who are highly customer focussed, prefer to train the new hires right from scratch, rather than try to un-teach the previously learned work patterns.

Here there are three specific ways that can help you deliver the right customer services. Some of them are as below.  

Predefined Standards

Standards developed by the managers at the bedrock will never lead an employee to work off the course. The customer service turnaround experts and industry consultants must create such standards which should be long term enough to be meaningful to the business and short enough to be memorable and action-oriented.

Training the Customer Service Executives

A professional who has a previous experience of working as a customer service executive can have a completely new session of customer service training. These will strengthen those mental muscles. There are two types of customer service training that can be given to the executives.

  • A live workshop which is usually 2.5 to 3.5 hours long.
  • An eLearning product which is custom produced to fit in your company. It will help your new sales executive to streamline their workflows per the company standards.

Positive Peer Pressure

Employees who work together and want to prove themselves better than their peers reach success. Organizations that have positive peer pressure among the team members will deliver high performance and an overall increase in customer service.


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