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Top Accounting Tool For Small Medium Business – Neat

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Neat one of the top accounting tool for small medium business allows you to scan the receipts as well as expenditure paperwork. Neat further lets you to operate through multiple devices such as a desktop camera, a mobile, or a real scanner. You can safely access your documents from any of the platforms, wherever, in their original doc form or their Neat-ified, characterized expenditures.

Neat as well incorporate with your former accounting systems, with the help of which you can assign your financial documents directly to build expense reports, track bills, and share this financial data with your colleagues as well as the accounts department. It excludes you from the dawdling, painstaking handbook entry usually related to finance filing, which also provides you an easy to access online method as an alternative.

Editions and Pricing

Neat provides you with a four months free trial or membership so that you get well acquainted with the features of the tool. It promises a safe and warm future for you. Five users can operate from one account. After the membership ends, annual and monthly charges of the tool are as follows:

Pay Annually:

  • $24 / mo. (Billed Annually) – 1,200 Docs per year
  • $50 / mo. (Billed Annually) – 3,000 Docs per year
  • $167 / mo. (Billed Annually) – 12,000 Docs per year

Pay Monthly:

  • $35 (Billed Monthly) – 100 Docs for a month
  • $75 (Billed Monthly) – 250 Docs for a month
  • $250 (Billed Monthly) – 1,000 Docs for a month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Track Receipts and Invoices: Fetching things into Neat is not a work of art. Scan with any of the TWAIN-compliant scanners, take a photo with the help of its mobile application, mail, or drag and drop files into the Neat system. The OCR software of Neat will create your paperwork in operational, keyword-searchable information.

  • The powerful OCR system saves time for data entry
  • Customized scheduling as you like
  • Send data to QuickBooks, TurboTax, H&R block with just a single click

Streaming and Reconciliation: Organize and streamline all of your data and files at one single platform. Paperwork, receipts, bank transfer details, accounts, bills as well as data related to emails are all combined in one-screen reconciliation. With the help of Neat, you don’t need to worry about misplaced details or bills. Balance, classify as well as reconcile easily now with all in one platform. Have sureness that every transaction of yours are consolidated and precise. You don’t need to combine off of a bank receipt, the source of all transaction is registered for in Neat.

Tax Preparation: Allocate the suitable tax type to separate files to make tax describing a draft. Customize Neat’s account expert to generate accounts by tax group, sales tax, sellers, and much more. Pictures of your expenses files are comprised of every document. Neat is further able to remove audit possibilities as well as overlooked withdrawals by seizing, keeping and assembling searchable all receipts, expenditures, bills as well as other monetary reports. Archived safe as well as protected with 256-bit bank-level encryption, Neat can further recollect pictures of transaction files for stress-free reconciliation, tax recording, along with audit security.

Security: To make sure that your information and documents remain secure and protected, Neat uses an encryption technology named as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) intended for data diffusion of all of your stored documents, containing user IDs, PINs as well as account information. With the help of this encryption, anybody who intentionally attempts to hack your data would only be able to get access to the randomized distorted transcript.


  • QuickBooks
  • TurboTax
  • H&R block

Mobile Accessibility

The application is easily accessible in both iOS and Android devices. With the help of the same, users can access their data anytime and sync their data to other devices securely.


  • In-App Help Center (All support and contact options are available within the Neat App)
  • Guided help with a session from Neat experts
  • Customer service available through email or call

Pros and Cons of Neat


  • Easily scan and organize business documents
  • Parsing and saving data into the cloud adds value to the software
  • Editing and searching of documents can be easily done


  • Quick software timeout
  • Repeat entry for repetitive titles of account
  • Processing of multiple pages or documents take time


Users can use whatever method to organize files as per the organizational requirement. It is flexible software.

For more details, please visit the Neat website.

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