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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Accounting Tool Product Review – Wizardly

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Amazon Web Services enables you and your business to grow and scale with a powerful cloud computing platform. However, how your business is doing through it is a critical point for organizations. Wizardly app resolves this issue by providing the precise version of your business resources.

Wizardly a cloud based accounting software for small business allows you to manage all your business accounts in one place and cater to results over AWS. This companion of the AWS Console shows much more than you should know which includes cost day by day account, project, and the environment. It highlights unexpected costs with vital information for making you aware of the resource route.

Editions and Pricing

The app is available in Beta version as a free tool.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features


Advisor: Wizardly, apart from generating report data over the AWS, also submits valuable advice towards best practices. The advice targets E2C/RDS instances, load balancers, IP addresses, and volumes. Moreover, it suggests reservation possibilities decrease your costs. Follow important briefs on your unused resources through the app.


Tracking: Information in the app along with the tag helps a user to understand the account and associated cost. In Wizardly, you can receive the cloud bill and dispatch it to each of the business units. Tracking makes this work easy and fast.


Alerting: The alerting feature of the app activates alerts regarding your tags or costs. You can set any alert with defined value, which you can receive by email. Moreover, you can decide the alert’s period and can check the status of the active alerts in the frame. Besides, it provides a timeline for the set alerts.


Cost Saver: The app generates a comprehensive view regarding cost over time. The tool provides calculative information saving you time and money as well. It displays a difference between on-demand and reserved instances. Keep noticing the effective change without a mess and your AWS cost in control.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, Wizardly does not serve as a mobile app.


Wizardly does not offer integration with any other app.


Email support is present.

Pros and Cons of Wizardly


  • Alert for services.
  • Filter options.
  • Advices generated from the app.


  • Robust support is required.


  • Cloud Cost tracking.
  • Infrastructure tracking.
  • Reservation advice feature available.

For more details, please visit Wizardly.

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