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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Product Review – Social Bee

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Social Bee is a Social Media Management Tool which helps the businesses to automate their social media posting. The automated process supports the business and the team members to focus on what is actually important to the business than handling the social media accounts manually. Social Bee enables us to categorize your business content and nurtures evergreen posting. Furthermore, the tool is appropriate for categorizing your content which helps you to save time while generating your posts. Schedule with types in mind for getting a great kind of content that blends over all your social media profiles, the same way in which the proficient social media marketers do. Repost (recycle) your highest classic content to save even more time as well as resources.

Editions and Pricing

Social Bee offers a 14-day free trial to help you understand the features of the tool. After the free trial ends, the platform offers 3 types of pricing range depending on the size of the business. Bootstrap, Accelerate, and Pro are three kinds of the pricing range. Check out the below table to know more about the prices of each plan along with the available features:


(Post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business)


(Best for authors coaches and solopreneurs)


Average time saved – 8h/week


(Best for start-ups and small businesses)


Average time saved – 10h/week


(Best for freelancers as well as marketing agencies)


Average time saved – 16h/week

Workspaces 1 1 5
Social Profiles 5 10 25
Content Categories 10 50 Unlimited
RSS Feeds 10 50 Unlimited
Posts Per Category 1000 5000 5000
Post Recycling or Evergreen Posting Yes Yes Yes

A few Concierge Services are also available to save you more time. The prices are as follows:

Concierge Onboarding: $199 (Optional, One Time)

Social Media Specialist: $129 (Optional, as Add-ons)

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Social Bee tool has some exciting features which let you to just set the posts and forget about the same. Check out the below-mentioned features to get insights about what all the tool is capable of:

Evergreen Posting: The best content mix with the help of category-based scheduling. With Social Bee you can consign every post to a particular content category, therefore it becomes easy for you to schedule them on the basis of your categories, instead of separate posts. Your feed could have been never looked well! The feature helps you to save time taken for scheduling the same post again and again.

  • Be it blog you spend your time in crafting or the timeless quotations, when the content category is recycled with evergreen posting, you don’t have to reschedule them again.
  • It expires the evergreen content after a specific date or time.
  • Tweak every post so it fits perfectly with the performance for each network, yet still, keep it connected to a regular post.

Posting: Social Bee enables you to post right away on social media platforms such as: 

  • Twitter (Profiles)
  • Facebook (Profiles, Pages you operate, as well as Groups the business is an Administrator of)
  • LinkedIn (Profiles as well as Business Pages you are a Supervisor of)
  • Google My Business (Locations you’re an Administrator of)

The tool makes your posts look the best on all the social media channels!

  • Post on Instagram with the help of its mobile app or from the Buffer or Hoot suite Incorporations
  • Full control with a different schedule for every post
  • Post time constraint content at a particular time
  • Post Previews

Easy Import and Editing: Import RSS posts from whichever blog or site that has RSS integration so every time there is a latest and recent article or blog post a news feed is built automatically. It gives you control to create the post.

  • Import the blogs you identify with the help of a pocket
  • Mark changes to numerous feeds with a single click through the bulk editor
  • Make use of draft posts for improved quality control
  • Import numerous links at one time

Custom URLs & Tracking: Cut your own links short with the help of the URL shorteners. Your links will be short and concise. Link your Rebrandly account to catch your product on your links. Access all their statistics as well as link shortening functions. Link your individual account to cut short the links with the help of You can even have email notifications of all the significant things.

Browser Extensions: Occasionally as you browse the internet you come across some amazing articles and want to publish or add it to one of your content categories on Social Bee at the instant. So far, you were allowed to do the same with the help of the social bee Pocket addition, but despite the fact of being powerful, it was kind of complicated to set up. So, the tool has now allowed you to create your own browser extensions. However, it requires you to refresh the page before you try the same.


The tool integrates with all the social media platforms, Google My Business as well as you can get browser extensions such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

Mobile Accessibility

The application is available on both Android and iOS devices.


  • FAQs
  • Email or call the team
  • Help Page
  • Contact us page for sending a request related to the tool or software

Pros and Cons of Social Bee


  • Provides free trial
  • Wide range of tools are available on one single platform
  • Easy to use system with flexible features and simple user interface


  • Lacks in terms of app design
  • Pocket is a bit tricky to use


Both private and public accounts and businesses having the administration of different accounts are able to keep the feeds as well as articles organized.

For more details, please visit the Social Bee website.

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