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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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How Emojis Helps in Retaining Users?

Among mobile applications, message engagement is critical for retaining users. If a mobile application is able to push notification then it is the best way to keep it on the top of the mind. According to the survey reports, applications that can push notifications and able to personalize messages are more successful in comparison to others.

Moreover, what is hiding behind the push notification engagement? Emojis?

Yes! Mobile users love emojis even when used for marketing messages. The emojis are so effective at boosting push notifications that, they play a direct role in retaining a user for the long-term.

Following three tactics will make you believe how emojis will work wonders for your mobile marketing:

Emojis Triggers Emotions of Users

While with the increasing use of emojis, what makes people love it? The anticipated reason to like emojis is that our brain process non-verbal communication, which is difficult to capture through text. It also works explicitly to convey emotional such as love, anger, frustration that would otherwise be difficult to do on the Internet.

Moreover, the intuitive reaction in bright colors is better at conveying emotions. Forming an unconditional bond with the users, emojis can change the view of the app among users.

How would you not like to open and reply to a message that is emotionally powerful & connecting?

Notifications filled with Emojis Encounter Heavy Open Rate

If you are planning to earn customer retention, then emoji work wonders to achieve the objective. In the case of the messages that feature varied forms of emojis, the open rate is very high.

For the case when customers do not return after using the application for the first time, it will be great to increase their retention period by 30 days. Therefore, boosting the 30 days retention period will increase the odds that users will stick around for a longer time.

Emojis Undermine User’s Language

A throwback to the time when marketing was full of flyers and design images while personal communication was about the world of letters and in-person meetings. Marketing messages used to arrive in a specific format without offering much flexibility to the sector. However, now marketing messages reach out of people regardless of place, and on the same device from where we access personal network.

For the evolving marketing sector, – dry, corporate sounding and push notifications look bad while displaying a product. It is the time for people in the marketing team to get personal and trigger through emojis.

Marketers can consider emojis as a slang, which is used by users of all age groups. While every application has its own and specific target audience, millennials are among the top consideration for all of them. Therefore, it is evident that emojis can help in winning over the generation.

Aforementioned are the ways in which emojis boost user’s retention. Customers have been demonstrating in varied ways that they love seeing emojis as much as using them. With the illustrated facts, we can easily conclude that emojis are winning user’s retention.

As a marketing or user, if you have another point going in favor of emojis, mention us in the comment section below.

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