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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Product Review: Trilojee

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Without effective marketing, even the best product goes unnoticed. It makes marketing the key priority for all organizations. It is for this reason that every organization has a dedicated marketing team strategizing the marketing plan and sales growth. However, these days with technology advancement the marketing is managed by intelligent tools. These tools strategize the marketing and sales for the businesses. One such tool is Trilojee which helps to prepare marketing plans for the businesses to escalate their growth graph. The tool is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs as it helps to maximize their sales with a focused marketing plan.

Editions and Pricing

Trilojee offers a 14-day free trial after which the subscriptions are as follows.

14-Day Trial $0 · Personalized Marketing Report

· Strategy Planner

· Marketing Strategy Guide

Monthly Subscription $15 per month · Task Planner

· ROI Tool

· Additional Tools

3 Month Subscription $12 per month · Personalized Marketing Report

· Strategy Planner

· Marketing Strategy Guide

Yearly Subscription $10 per month · Task Planner

· ROI Tool

· Additional Tools

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Home Page

The first page that opens up when the user login to the Trilojee tool is the home page. It shows the summary of all the marketing plan created, its date of creation, last modified date and various actions that can be performed on it. The page displays the option create a new plan which helps to create a new marketing plan.


For creating a new plan the tool generates a questionnaire to get insights into the user’s business model.  Upon answering the questionnaire, the tool generates a detailed marketing report to help the businesses to strategize their marketing plan efficiently.
Marketing Report
Trilogee_Market Report

The tool generates a marketing report based on the answers to the questionnaire submitted while creating a new plan. After complete analysis and calculated efforts, the tool generates a detailed report which helps the businesses to understand their marketing potential. The report guides the user to draft an effective marketing plan keeping in mind the organizational capabilities and limitations. It contains an elaborate explanation of all the questions being asked and its significance in marketing and sales.
Trilogee_Market Plan

The plan feature of the tool consists of certain questions. Upon answering these questions the user gets a clear picture of the marketing goals. These questions are organized in a way that helps prepare an organized marketing plan for the business. The user gets to identify the organizational strengths, weaknesses, target audience and the marketing strategy which best suits the business needs. The tool incorporates a built-in strategy guide to help the user select the most appropriate marketing strategy.

Once the marketing plan gets curated, the user can then market their product and service using any of the marketing strategies mentioned in the plan. Based on the marketing strategy selected by the user, the tool prepares a strategy and curates a number of tasks that need to get complete for effective implementation of the strategy. For example, marketing strategy is creating a Facebook page, then the task involves, reviewing Facebook page, image updating, and content selection. The tool facilitates effective strategy implementation by employing a scheduler, which sets the time for performing a particular task and generates reminders, for helping the user. This way it helps in organizing the various marketing activities.

The measure option of the tool helps to track the progress of the marketing strategy based on ROI. It again consists of various questions, based on organizational expense, labor cost, labor hours, etc. Based on the answers provided, the tool generates an approximated expense report including the total number of sales required, profit percentage and much more. Thus, the measure option gives the complete statics of the business and helps in understanding the success rate of the strategy.


Additionally, it curates a customized response based on the expenses report to help business with the decision making to improve the current marketing plan.
Additional Tools
Trilogee_Additional Tools

Additional tools facilitate the entrepreneurs and SMEs to further strengthen their marketing plan using the information provided. The additional tools contain some sales questions which help to evaluate the cost of each customer, monthly budget, etc. These tools help in evaluating the performance of any business and give them an opportunity to maximize their sales.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile app for Trilojee is not available.


Currently, the tool does not provide integrations.


The tool provides 24/7 email and phone support.

Pros and Cons and Trilojee


  • User-friendly interface
  • Organized Marketing Plan
  • Efficient Strategy
  • Measuring the success of the market plan
  • Marketing report


  • The single questionnaire is used for different marketing plans restricting its applicability.


The effective marketing plan with a detailed report helps in devising an effective marketing strategy, which is an outshining feature of the tool. Additionally, it generates the progress measure to evaluate the success of the strategy-making tool useful.

For more information visit Trilojee website.

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