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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Product Review – LeadMine

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LeadMine is an extremely simple and handy application that can boost up your Marketing and Sales process. Its simple interface, powerful algorithms, live data and email verification capabilities save a lot of important time that can be used to process other business activities. Additionally, the rich API solution can verify thousands of email addresses within a minute. The powerful yet simple solution can be your perfect Marketing and sales partner and help your business grow.

Pricing and Editions

The LeadMine pricing plans are as under:

Free $0 per month with 10 credits per month
Essential $49 per month with 500 credits per month
Professional $149 per month with 2,000 credits per month
Premium $499 per month with 10,000 credits per month
Enterprise $ 2000 per month with custom matches

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Getting Started: LeadMine first needs to add a Google Chrome extension to your browser to work effectively. After that is done, you can add your prospects and get started on your Lead Generation right away.

Prospects: The prospects tab shows all the business prospects on your list. This place also lets you add new prospects and manage your prospect list. To make the process more simple, LeadMine lets you export the prospect list to CSV, and import it into the tool directly from this pane. Furthermore, this place provides information about your prospects including- Name, Company, Contact, etc. You can also create a new list of your prospects and manage it. Additionally, the search bar on the top right corner lets you search the business prospect you are looking for.

Verify Emails: Sometimes not being sure about the email addresses you have can keep you under doubts. To help you out with this, LeadMine helps you verify the prospect’s emails. The Verifier can be directly accessed from the left toolbar. To verify your emails, you just need to type in the email address and click on “Verify”. The verifier checks whether the email format is good, if the email addresses is disposable, its MX records, and lastly, whether it is deliverable or not.

History: The History section of the application can help you find out the recent activities that took place in the tool. The image below, for example, shows the email address, type of activity done and date. This way, the application keeps you on track with the recent activity with the tool.

External Integrations

The application currently does not integrate with any other platforms.

Mobile Accessibility

Leadmine is currently unavailable on mobile platforms. The tool currently works only as a web application.


  • Online live chat
  • Email support
  • Contact Us Page
  • A separate Features section to provide all necessary information.

Pros and Cons


  • The Chrome extension allows you to find anyone’s email directly from the different sources.
  • The scalable API solution helps you find or verify thousands of email addresses in a minute.
  • The data shown in the tool is always updated as it uses live sources.


  • A reporting section that can help figure out the number of leads captured, the number of prospects active etc. could be an added feature.

Key Differentiators

  • The Chrome extension saves a lot of time to capture and process leads.
  • Only verified emails processed, this leads to almost zero bounce rate.

For more details, please visit the LeadMine website.

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