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Monday , May 27 2024

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Product Review: Kintegra

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Kintegra is a cross-channel account management tool. You can now enjoy a single platform that allows you to add as well as look after multiple promoters and marketers. Furthermore, you will be able to associate multiple cross-channel add accounts, as well as unite them in a single business firm. The tool exceptionally keeps up with Google ads, Facebook ads, as well as Google Analytics in the current scenario.

Some of the perks of the tool are as follows:

  • It can link various Google Ads account, Facebook account, as well as Google Analytics account.
  • The tool is able to connect with numerous accounts such as Google Analytics accounts, Google Ads ad accounts & Facebook ad accounts
  • Add Account balance understandings for checking along with effective recording

Editions and Pricing

The editions and pricing of the tool vary on the basis of three sub-types, i.e. for brands, agency, and custom pricing solutions. The pricing plan of the Kintegra tool is as follows:


$149 per month

Plan for marketers and small businesses


$249 per month

Excellent plan for small businesses and start-ups


$349 per month

Executive plan for businesses as well as industry giants

Pricing plan for Agency – Well-set marketing groups that require a plan depended on the expenditure of Ad. These plans are an amazing opportunity for them. Check out the following:

Less than $20,000 $899
$20,000 to $100,000 4.5%
$100,000 to $200,000 3.75%
$200,000 to $350,000 3%
$350,000 to $500,000 2.75%
More than $500,000 2.5%

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Kintegra allows you to bring all the accounts for marketing into one platform. The tool helps you bring together to balance the automated campaign for marketing around all the potential channels. Some of the features to manage all the accounts are as follows:

Account Integration: Head towards marketing of all your cross-channel to get a deal that concerns to your campaigns. Line up your cross-channel marketing accounts in one end to manage the whole promotion-related thing interconnected as well as organized for your marketing development. Keep tabs on the key indicators with Kintegra’s cross-channel management tool. With Kintegra you can have the power as well as the flexibility you require over the infinite cross-channel accounts connecting. Connect your numerous marketing channels into Kintegra’s cross-channel tool to observe plus quantify insights in a single business roof.

Campaign Dashboard: Dive deep into your campaigns and worry not about keeping in touch with the insights. Kintegra’s key insights for the campaign platform will help you to gain insights about your campaign running on various marketing platforms as well as provide you a competitive edge to grow your business in the market. Get good results by observing or keeping tabs on all your operational metrics under a single platform or screen. Manage and monitor the marketing and promotional know about from just one place for improved decision-making as well as for more marketing possibilities.

With the help of Kintegra you can acquire much-polished access over your marketing operations. You can further do haste modifications to your cross-channel marketing accounts by simply editing your ad arrangements. Kintegra agrees on a comprehensive visibility on your marketing drive’s performance metrics to the latter aspect.

Executive Dashboard: Now you don’t have to rush through thousands of vague reports to identify the efficiency of your promotional operations on numerous accounts. Get hold of your cross-channel campaigns outline in just one click to keep tabs on your campaign traffic within an ad channel level. With the help of Kintegra, you can get an active dashboard with the respective number of campaigns that are automatically refreshed. The refresh cycles can be tailored by selecting a time interval of your choice between 1 minute and 30 minutes.

Goal-Based Dashboard: Dig deeper with Kintegra’s GA metrics cohesive dashboard to acquire full accessibility into the comprehensions dependent on your marketing objectives. With the help of Kintegra your operations will get characterized based on the campaign objectives. Categorize your campaigns with your campaign objective to better organize, optimize and measure the performance of your adverts. If it is unclear, or hard to track your respective goal of a campaign Kintegra will put your campaign under the uncategorized goal list, whenever you want to categorize you can move your campaigns to the respective goal category at any time.

How is Kintegra compelling for your brand?

Kintegra uses machine learning programs to forecast productive campaigns and analyses the strategies from past encounters to predict effective channels resulting inaccurate targeting and accelerated business growth.

  • Create New Opportunities & Possibilities
  • Access advanced scheduling and auto-tagging
  • Remarketing of site visitors with dynamic creatives
  • Tracking and analysis of drop-offs, and giving suggestion to fix
  • Elevate and Evolve the Marketing Team’s Contributions
  • Optimize campaigns not only at app install level but at event levels as well

External Integrations

The tool integrates with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. along with Google. It is accessible with both mobile and web connections.

Mobile accessibility

The mobile application is available for the system operating on iOS and Android.


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Pros and Cons


  • It helps with multitasking of campaigns and runs them all effectively.
  • You can see all the important channels linked at one screen.


  • The issue of channel collapse has been identified.


Secured account of multiple accounts or channels.

To get more insights, please visit the Kintegra website.

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