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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Know the Fund-Raising Story of Process Street….

There exist two ways to get noticed…! One is by being unique and another by doing some out of the box kind of things. Well, Process Street possessed both these qualities. They owned an eccentric startup idea and a quirky team which made Process Street a huge success. The startup journey of Process Street begun in 2014 when Vinay Patankar and Cameron Mckay came up with this revolutionary idea of collaboration without spreadsheets. Honestly, using excel sheets is no child play. Creating those tables and managing employee workflow is a cumbersome task and is not everyone’s cup of tea. But thanks to these two gentlemen, that industry now has a spreadsheet free task management system, where tasks get managed by the click of a button.

Workflow Automation

This transforming idea of workflow automation and team collaboration did wonder for the Process Street Team. Not only did it fetch them recognition but it also earned them funds to further enhance the functioning of their online tool. Recent insights revealed that the startup received seed funding worth the US $3.1 million from an Australian venture capital firm Blackbird Ventures. This fundraising explains that hard work and dedication never go unnoticed. The team’s efforts gave them the opportunity to get recognized by the big shot investors and to get funds for their startup growth.

Looking Forward

Process Street team is planning to use the received funds for developing the engineering team to fasten the product development process. Additionally, monetization of the customer base is another direction that will improve with the funds. The aim is to achieve a global reach and to get world recognition.

The story of Process Street is an inspiration to all the growing startups that real dedication and hard work always win the victory. Everyone starts small, but it takes sleepless efforts to grow big just the way Process Street did.  This story shows that an idea powered by the vision to succeed always reaches greater heights.

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