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Friday , April 12 2024

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Best Email Marketing Platform For Small Business Product Review: Caspy

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Caspy is a google chrome extension that is AI-powered to help people easily manage their Gmail accounts and build a stronger relationship with important email contacts. Now, with Caspy you can say goodbye to obsessive inbox checking. You can focus on your work and let Caspy do the task of looking after your urgent emails. Moreover, with Caspy, you will never forget any email which needs a reply. The best part is that with smart reconnect suggestions, you stay close to your VIP contacts and avoid them from drifting away.

Editions and Pricing

The product comes in two editions: free and for teams.

Edition Pricing Features
Free (for now) Free · Unlimited notification.

· Unlimited reconnects.

· Free daily inbox report.

Caspy For Teams Contact Team

·  AI Email Bot For Slack

·  Inbox Insights

·  Canned Replies

·  Phone Support

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Get Necessary Notification: Based on the email history the AI of Caspy figures out the type of emails to which a user replies. Caspy uses this knowledge to notify you only about those email that requires a reply.

Snooze: With the snooze option, the users can snooze the email notifications for an hour or a day, as they wish. When the time is up, Caspy will automatically remind you to send a response to the emails.

Put Emails to Sleep: The users can also give feedback. The users can just ignore the emails that do not require replies or contacts that are unimportant. The AI of Caspy automatically learns about the behavior and improves its recommendations.

Mute and Unmute: You can mute useless email notification with Caspy’s help.  It helps you to set the daily email check-in times. It holds back all the notifications until the specified check-in time. Some of the Caspy options that help to set the check-in time are

  • Immediately
  • Every Hour
  • Every Other Hour
  • Twice Per Day (noon and 4 pm)

Mobile Accessibility

The tool is a chrome extension and is not available as a mobile application for Android, iOS or any other platform.


The tool is an extension of Google Chrome browser and integrates with Google mail (Gmail) accounts.


The team has provided its email address, phone number and postal address for people who require support. Moreover, they have provided their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin links for support through social platforms.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple installation –just download from chrome web store.
  • Easy to use.


  • It is only a chrome extension.
  • It can be used only through Gmail

For more details, please visit: Caspy Website

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