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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Product Review: Marketfox

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Right marketing tactics increase your product visibility in the competitive market. The current age is the Digital Age, which gives the open opportunity to all the businesses to market their products in the Social Media Market. However, only a few of the marketing techniques convert a lead into customers. Thus, to help businesses with lead conversions and effective marketing Marketfox provides automated marketing.

Marketfox is an online tool that helps in promoting the business through machine learning and automated marketing campaigns. It provides interactive services such as push notification, blog management, social monitoring, and SMS management. It is an innovative and automatic way to increase your business leads.

Editions and Pricing

Marketfox offers a 14-day free trial. No credit card required. After that time, subscriptions are as follows:

Starter $24/month · 5 Email/Contacts

· Unlimited Push Notifications

· In-App Engagement

Basic $40/month All starter features

· Unlimited email

· Mobile marketing

· Events

Business $65/month All basic features plus:

· Unlimited landing pages

· Custom domains

·  Automation with AI

· Custom branding

Enterprise Contact Sales All business features plus

· Account-based marketing automation

· Account manager

· In-depth onboarding

· Free design services

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features


The first window which appears when you sign up to the Marketfox website is the Dashboard. It gives the overview of all the marketing activities occurring within the organization. It displays the total count of push notifications, emails, and leads generated by the business. Also, it shows a bar graph showing the statics of the social media activities, such as the number of clicks, views, comments, signup etc. Also, it gives an overall count of users connected in a particular month and in the whole year and the number of campaign runs in a particular month by the business.

The customer tab of the Marketfox tool allows the user to add customers to the website. Once the customer gets added, automatic marketing activities such as push notifications, email campaigns etc., begins. The customer feature of the tool shows the list of all the existing customers. Also, it has an option of creating a new customer, where the details of the new customer get filled to add it to the system database. Additionally, the tool allows creating segments so that customers can be categorized according to their preferences. It helps in creating customizable marketing activities depending upon customer’s interest.

The Automation feature of the Marketfox tool enables the businesses to automate their business marketing features. It allows the business to create the following events for task automation.

  • Creating triggers to listen to the various actions performed by the lead and respond accordingly.
  • Creating actions to respond to a particular trigger such as sending emails.
  • Flow control helps record the response of an event for a fixed duration and then take necessary action for marketing.
  • Also, conditions can apply to the particular automation action.

The Marketfox tool acquires customer’s attention towards the business through blogs and social media. The tool has built-in blog feature and social media monitoring to facilitate lead conversions.



The tool allows creating a blog for the business which could gather reader’s attention. Also, it saves and publishes the blog without the need for any third party tool for publishing blog.

Social Media


The social option of the Acquire feature of the Marketfox tool allows the user to connect to the various social portal. It facilitates the social media marketing of the business by allowing the user to connect to Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.


The Marketfox tool provides the convert feature for lead conversions. It provided inbuilt customizable templates for creating in-app campaigns for making new customers. Additionally, it allows the user to create a web page about any events that the business will organize and publish it on the internet. It allows promoting the business and helps makes loyal customers. Also, forms get created using the tool to begin a new campaign and cater viewer’s interest.

The tools allow to create an interactive email and push messages, which will increase engagement. The tool has inbuilt customizable templates to create and send innovative and attractive emails and push message to the targeted customer. These messages will increase engagement which in turn will escalate the business’s customer base.

The report feature of the tool allows viewing the overall report of all the business marketing actives. It displays both the tabular and graphical view of the various marketing actions. It includes the statistics of the campaigns run by the business, social media engagements, in-app campaigns, web pages, etc. created for marketing. It helps analyze the overall marketing progress.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile app for Marketfox is not available.


Marketfox has integrations with Combinator, Medium, Zapier, Freshsales, FullContact and Segment.

Pros and Cons of Marketfox


  • User-friendly interface
  • Marketing Automation
  • Mobile marketing using push notifications and SMS
  • Built-in template for email campaigns
  • Social media engagement
  • Blog creation


  • Using the automation feature of the tool is a bit complicated and needs the practice to understand its functionality.
  • It connects with only three social portals.


The mobile marketing provided by the tool through the push messages and SMS alerts is an outstanding feature. It facilitates the business to reach their target audience through mobiles. The interactive template for campaign and emails make the tool most suitable for innovative marketing. Also, the built-in Blog feature makes the tool different from all other marketing tools.

For more information visit the Marketfox website.

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