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Monday , June 24 2024

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10 Things to Avoid While Writing a Blog Post

Blogging is not as simple as it seems. Some people do it regularly but are not able to achieve a thing, which signifies that blogging is complex. With some inspiring people in the industry who are doing really well, there are some undeniable basics to success. However, others are killing the real objective and impact even before it goes out.

Here, is a list of 10 things, which should not be ignored, or have a tough time being successful:

  1. Confusing or Clever Headlines

The heading is the primary thing to take the attention of a reader. It is going to be displayed at many places such as in the search engine results, feed readers, and subject lines. The aim of the headline is to stop the readers there and force them to enter within the blog post. However, using clever and confusing headlines will not let you accomplish the objective. Make your headlines go unique, useful, and specific for the readers.

  1. Avoid Linking to Old Posts

Linking to the old post can be for several reasons. It will help you in proving the point, the links are able to drive traffic to older posts giving them revived attention. Additionally, old links are the best way to notify the Google spider of your website. Each post is valuable and should be mentioned within your new post wherever it is possible.

  1. Unawareness for Page Title and Description Fields

You can terminate the chance of your post ranking if you forget to fill out title page and description. The meta description is very important for indexing and helps that spider knows what your page is all about. To make your description effective, create a social friendly text, which is easily understood by common mass.

  1. Plagiarism is an Offence

One of the essential element to effective and long-lasting success is unique and original content. However, every blogger after doing well over time will eventually run out of ideas. Then comes a need to refer and take inspiration to overcome writer’s block. The temptation to copy other blogger’s ideas is nothing but just another way to kill your reputation with plagiarism.

  1. Absence on Social Media Platforms

Unlike the times when people used to write and publish because there were no social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook to share it further. Now, things have changed as we have social media sites to promote our content. In other words, make sure to boost every blog post on social media so that it can reach maximum viewers.

  1. Publishing only one or two posts in a month

It is okay to be busy for a long time doing important stuff but publishing frequently will not interrupt as well. But, the less you post, the lesser are your chances of gaining traction. Therefore, only one blog post every two months is just like not blogging at all. The more frequently you post, the more traffic you are going to experience.

  1. Writing Big Paragraphs within a Blog.

No matter the quantity of information, it is important to divide your content into smaller chunks. Writing big blocks of paragraphs is against the basic blog writing the law. Insert simple words and short sentences to gain maximum readers for your blog post.

  1. Not Calling Audience to Leave Comments

Not inviting the reader to leave their comments makes no point in writing. If you a launching a blog, the bottom line should be inviting the reader to leave their suggestions and feedback in the comment section. Maybe, the bottom line can be phrased like a question relating to the topic, it is all on you.

At the end, the good comments will give you proof that people find your blog post valuable. The most the comments, the better it is.

  1. Writing on a Non-Important Topic

If you do not want your blog to fall flat on the face, then write something that audience cares about. In addition, you can experience the same if you write about a common topic that already has been written by many people.

Do not get disappointed! Every successful blog started on a small scale and take the person to the last point.

  1. Giving Up

Apart from the things mentioned above, it is important to remain consistent with your blogging frequency. In contrast, to this best practice, many people quit in a few months’ time. Blogging is hard work and commitment towards social responsibilities can overtake your blog. Make sure you begin the process with the strong commitment towards the consistency otherwise, giving up is a direct way to failure in long run.

If you know that can kill the impact of your blog post, please let us know in the comment section below.

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