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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Product review: Delibr – Map your Team’s Thinking

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Heated up discussions during team meetings are very common. It reflects the difference of opinions and active participation in the workplace. However, such a team meeting usually ends up without having found any substantial solution to the problem. To avert this time consuming and fruitless discussions online tools are available which helps aligns the team thoughts with the team goals to achieve maximum outcomes.

Delibr is one such top email tool that helps to map team thinking and simplify decision making by giving a platform to the team members to share their opinions on a particular topic. The technical specification of the tool is described below.

Editions and Pricing

Delibr offers 30 days free trail. No credit cards required. After that, the subscriptions are as follows.

Free Trial $0 · Unlimited Discussions

· Unlimited Organizers

· Unlimited Participants

· Integrations (Coming Soon)

· Quick Support

Premium $10/Month · Unlimited Discussions

· Unlimited Organizers

· Unlimited Participants

· Integrations (Coming Soon)

·Quick Support

Capabilities and Supporting Set Features


The admin option appearing ar the upper left corner of the Delibr tool helps the admin to create a team with whom discussion is to be carried out. The discussion initiator sends invite to different organizers. These organizers then participate in the discussion by accepting the request and rating the question posted in the discussion. This helps in quick discussions and exchange of opinions without much time wastage.
Create Discussions

The home page of the tool has a create discussion option which helps the admin to initiate a new discussion. This discussion helps to post a question which requires team perspective. The discussion initiator posts the discussion questions along with its probable answers and pros and cons and requests the team members to rate each of the proposed solutions. The alternative with maximum rating can then be selected as the solution. This process saves time and makes decision making easy. Three types of questions can be posted in the discussion which is as follows.

  • Yes/No with pros and cons
  • Answers with Pros and cons
  • Answers with Criteria

Rating Discussion

After the creation of discussion, the organizers can view the discussion and rate it accordingly. Additionally, they can post their own answers and criteria if they have differing opinions. The judgment about any particular event is derived by analyzing the majority outcomes. This process of decision making helps in quick discussion without having to waste too much time.

Mobile Accessibility

The mobile app for Delibr is not available.


Delibr will soon implement integrations with JIRA, Slack, and Trello.


Delibr provides 24/7 email and chats support.

 Pros and Cons


  • Fast decision making
  • Collaborating team ideas
  • Time saving
  • Efficient Teamwork


  • Complicated to use


The concept of the tool is unique, it not just collaborated with people but also their ideas and visions. This tool is great for or receiving quick reviews about certain topics without wasting time in long discussions.

Learn more about this tool only on Delibr website.

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