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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Communication Platforms For Business Product Review – Time Doctor

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Time Doctor a communication platform for small business offers in-depth insights into where exactly the time is spent in the entire work day. One can easily keep a track of all the websites or applications visited while working and also the screenshots of the computer screen every few minutes while they work. Time Doctor not only keeps track of the total time taken by each employee for accomplishing the task, but it will also give a breakdown of time consumed to complete the project, client, or task. The time tracking data keeps a proper record of every second, so one can accurately figure out where exactly the time is spent. This data could be used to bill the clients and to maintain a systematic record for paying staff.

Editions and Pricing of the Time Doctor software

Plans Monthly Pricing Features Included
Free Trial $ 10 per user per month

(First 14 day free trial with a no-contract monthly subscription.)

·         Time, task and project tracking

·         Activity pertaining to Mouse and keyboard

·         Recording the Screenshots

·         Systematic monitoring of Website and application

·         Integrations

·         Scheduling of Attendance and work report

·         Multi user interface

·         Support from Live Agents

·         Payment and payroll integration

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features of Time Doctor software

Desktop App : Its desktop version allows its users to keep a systematic record of time taken in accomplishing the task. This could be done by entering the task’s name on which you are currently working and pressing play. It will automatically start tracking the time consumed and will also monitor all the activities performed while you are on the clock. Although its admin dashboard can be managed only by the web-based clients, which displays the task assigned to different employees of a concern and the total time taken to finish these assigned tasks. Administrators can quickly get an idea of what employees were looking at by just clicking at the time period. They can also keep a track of their sign in time, and also see whether they were idle for specific periods of time.

Management of Data: IT also helps in managing the entire data of the organization. Time Doctor allows its users to bifurcate the data entry in terms of projects or departments based on the user’s choice to use the tool. It can further be broken down on the basis of activities involved within the given project or department. Through this software one can easily group permanent tasks that will always exist on your dashboard. One can easily access these tasks by pressing on the infinity symbol icon. It is helpful for those companies whose employees carry out repetitive tasks and avoid going into the system to generate new tasks every time they want to be tracked.

Time Tracking: Time tracking helps in keeping a systematic record of the time taken to finish the task. The desktop app has an “Edit Time” button displaying in the middle of the screen. However, it is mentioned as the “Add Time” button on the web app at the top right corner or one can also access it by clicking the + sign for “Click here to add time manually.” The “Add Time” comes with multiple options allowing one to select which project for which they wish to track the time.


Monitoring of the employees: Time doctor is a Hitech time tracking tool that is incorporated with some in built employee tracking systems. The screen shots, Time Sheets, “Web and App Usage” features can be used to give a close insight into the activities performed by the individual employee during their working hours. All one has to do is click on the “Company Settings then the “Manage Users” icon, then go to the “Advanced Settings,” and automatically they can check out all the configuration options.

Pros and Cons


  • Time Doctor’s live chats and follow up zoom calls helps in resolving the quarries promptly.
  • It helps in keeping its users fully organized.


  • IT is often attacked by bugs and glitches that are very difficult to fix.
  • It is a bit expensive for large scale companies.
  • Its mobile app version is not competent enough.

Mobile Accessibility

This Software is available as a Mobile App on all IOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, BlackBerry.


Time Doctor’s data base contains several articles that are classified by topic.

For further details, please visit Time Doctor website and get all the insights about this wonderful Search Engine optimization software.

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