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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Product Review- Panoply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tool

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Panoply is the first Smart Cloud Data Warehouse across the world. It distributes the industry’s fastest time to insights by removing the development and coding associated explicitly with converting, assimilating, and handling the data. Panoply’s exclusive Artificial Intelligence technology automatically improves, change and enhance the complex data, making it easy to advance actionable insights. Its highly optimized Artificial Intelligence platform is proficient enough to resolve all your queries 100 times faster. Also, its powerful Business Intelligence dashboard loads ten times more quickly, enabling you to perform fast analytics and accordingly make quick decisions in your time sensitive business.

Editions and Pricing of the Panoply software

Panoply pricing begins at $325.00 per month. However, it does not offer a free version to its prospective customers, nor does it offer a free trial service. See additional pricing details for Panoply below.

Price Training
$325.00/month ·         Powerful Data Warehouse

·         Auto Data Pipeline (ELT)

·        Zero Maintenance

$665.00/month ·         Automated Backups

·         User Permissions

·         Live Chat Support

$995.00/month ·         Platform Analytics

·         Screen Share Support

·         Data Architect Support

·         < 1 hour reply time

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Dashboard : The dashboard option reveals how to create the data warehouse, connect the data sources, and the different business intelligence tools. One can easily manage the data for analytics from the dashboard.

Data Sources: Anybody operating with the data analytics can easily consume the data from databases, APIs, and files without much effort in just a few clicks. No other additional ETL tools or secreting layers are required for that.

Tables: The tables’ option assists the users to search tables related to business. These tables are presented in the form of the name, Table rows, schema, and data size.

Additional Features:

  • Data Discovery
  • High Volume Processing


This Software is available as a Mobile App on all IOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, BlackBerry. Apart from that, they are also available on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked in, and You Tube and also have a desktop Operating system support on Web apps, windows, and all Mac book versions. Also, there is a 24*7 live chat available for its users.

Pros and Cons of Panoply Software


  • Panoply live chats and follow up zoom calls helps in resolving the quarries promptly.
  • They serve a fully organized data warehouse.
  • The support team is highly responsive and supportive and help to resolve any issue raised by beginner analysts and new data connectors.
  • Users can easily collect the data from the smorgasbord of tools into one redshift warehouse all by themselves, without even hiring an expert engineer.


  • Limited enterprise features like 2FA
  • Limited enterprise connectivity options.
  • Difficulty in setting up an SSH tunnel connection.
  • Some connectors are fabricated for different purposes
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to trouble shoot issues with a data pipeline.

Hence, all in all, Panoply is a very powerful software suitable particularly for data analysts, architects, engineers and scientists accountable for the accessibility/usability of distinct data. Apart from that all the business operators, analysts, policymakers who create insights will also find Panoply valuable

For more details, please visit the attached Panoply website and get all the insights about this wonderful Search Engine optimization software.

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