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Monday , April 15 2024

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Improve your Open Email Rate by these Three Simple Ways

One of the best ways to ensure the long-term success of your business is a successful email list. But what makes an email list successful? Well, when your email subscribers open every email you send, click on the links, visit the websites, and make purchases on your products and services. This is one of the oldest yet most successful ways to generate revenue. 

But, all these activities will only happen when you are successful at the initial step, getting the subscribers to open the email. As per the industry experts, standards for a healthy email open rate are between 17 and 28%. If you have reached this percentage of rate, this means you have created a good interest among your target audience already. The customers are now becoming your loyal followers, and your brand is performing quite well in its marketing activities. You must remember that these followers are the people who are most likely to become your next set of loyal customers or active buyers.

Here are three ways you can use to improve your email open rate.

Develop Curiosity in the Email Subject Line

People receive at least 100 emails every single day. It becomes very difficult for the businesses, in this case, to get their emails opened. If you want your subscribers to open your emails, it is important that your email subject line generates curiosity for them and binds the receiver to open them. You have to carefully curate your subject line so that the customers never miss to open your email. One effective way to get your emails open is by asking questions in the subject lines. This will make your emails stand out from the rest.  

They will Open Emails if they know you 

The more familiar your name becomes in the inboxes of the people, the more chance is that they will open your emails.  Most businesses believe that their customers will turn off if they email them too frequently. But this is not always true. In fact, it is believed that the more frequently people see your emails, the more the chances you will stay on the top of their minds. So do not hesitate to send frequent emails to the people. An email once a week is a good way to make your business recognizable to your customers.

Every email you send should deliver value

People might open the emails that you see in your inbox. But opening up every email that you send is the next level of milestone that you have achieved. You might have a list of subscribers who receives all your emails and a list of people who can’t wait to get your emails and reads every single one of them. Differences between the two only can be seen when you deliver the highest quality of emails every single time. Here are some of the ways that make your emails worth the read.

  • Relate your newest blog to a funny story.
  • State how mistakes can be avoided by using your product.
  • Aware them about your latest podcast episode.

People do not remember what you have said to them. They always remember how you made them feel. This can be better done when your business provides value to them. 

Clean up your Email List 

You can be discouraged when you observe that a group of subscribers are not opening your emails. This can also be a sign that you need to clean up your marketing list. It can be difficult to say goodbye to some of your email subscribers. But, a cleanup is sometimes necessary to increase your email open rate. It is just similar to the clutter that you remove from your closet once a year. 

For this, first, take a look at your email metrics. There are several email service providers that allow you to pull reports that are able to segment subscribers who are active and highly engaged with your emails. They can also provide you with a list of all the subscribers who never open your emails. So when you get the list of all the subscribers who rarely open your emails, you are left with two options. One is, you can remove them from your email list or send them two to three re-engagement emails that offer them the opportunity to remain on your list if they click on one of the links that you have provided in your emails.

The best part of such a cleaning activity is that the new list of people include those who are active and engaged. These subscribers open your emails, click on the links that you have shared and who want to know what you are up to on a daily basis.

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