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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Top Conferencing Tools Product Review – Confluence

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The Confluence is a project management tool or small business management software that helps in organizing and managing the enormous quantity of data, received by the establishments in different industrial sectors, be it retail, manufacturing, logistics, financial sector and also the online social networking. With Confluence, one can easily access the unstructured but most valuable information in an organized manner. Hence overall confluence makes the task of project management simple and easy to understand.

Editions and Pricing

Below mentioned is the pricing policy of Confluence software:

Plans Monthly Pricing Features Included
Free A Free Trial offer for up to 10 users ·         Unlimited spaces and pages

·         Structured Page tree

·         Page Versioning

Standard $ 5 per month per user ·         Up to 5000 users

·         Unlimited spaces and pages

·         Page and space permission

·         Structured Page tree

Premium $ 10 per month per user All the standard features plus access to:

·         Admin Key

·         Analytics

·         Inspection permission

·         Copy space permission

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Create and Share Pictures : This feature helps the users to share images, GIF’s videos etc. Hence this feature allows its users to create anything from a Marketing plan to meeting notes or product requirements. One can begin with either a blank page or a customized template to add some text along with some images or GIFs, giving life to their content.


Separate Search and Organize Space: It provides a separate search space to its users, making sure that content is easy to find and is within reach. This powerful search engine tool helps in eliminating unnecessary wastage of time in searching the latest version of the document. Further, it also keeps the users well organized by aligning all the similar pages together at one place.

Provide Feedback and add comments: Their Instant feedback and inline comments feature Speeds up the review procedure, thereby enhancing the work speed. The users can easily mention a team member they need help from in the combined edit page, add a comment on the working document itself and also get a clear vision about the latest decisions or amendments made by the team members.

Pros and cons


  • Through Confluence, one can quickly create an event-driven application. It provides a seamless data integration between on premises and cloud data thereby making it convenient for its users to join and accordingly transform their data quite easily.
  • Cost efficient as its free download.
  • It comes with data encryption with premium quality of services.
  • It can easily associate the producers to their respective consumers even in a difficult structural design.
  • It serves its users with several accessible widgets for formatting, inserting, and integrating with other software.


  • Not recommended for beginners or new users
  • Some of the widgets that are not included are very expensive.
  • It does face some performance issues sometimes, but overall it has a decent performance.
  • Since it comes with too many options that sometimes could not be disabled.

Key Differentiators of the Confluence software:

Powerful software with a range of capabilities to make business process easy for the organization.

Mobile Accessibility

This Software is available as a Mobile App on all IOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, BlackBerry.


Confluence’s data base contains several articles that are classified by topic. Besides, in order to learn more about Confluence, its users can easily make use of its Getting Started guide and Confluence’s training webinar. Apart from that, Confluence has also formulated the user community where the users can quickly get different advice and ideas from other Confluence users.

Hence, Overall, Confluence is a very powerful software suitable for everyone, be it sales and marketing team or Human Resource and operation.

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