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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Conferencing Tools Product Review- CraneUp

Conferencing-Tools-Product-review- CraneUPThere are many platforms today that connect people socially and professionally. Platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn offer an excellent place for people with similar interest to connect. These platforms, although bring people together very efficiently but do not include features to connect them via web cams, i.e. they do not support video conferencing. As a result, professionals have to switch over to video conferencing applications for a face-to-face conversation.

The CraneUp one of the best conferencing tool tried to make things easier by connecting people online via the live chat. CraneUp is designed to offer a platform for communities to connect online and conduct online conferences with people all over the globe.

Editions and Pricing

The tool is currently working in its Beta version and have not introduced pricing plans yet.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

CraneUp-UserHomeThe User Home
As soon as you sign up, CraneUp helps you set-up an account with details about your business profile, area of work, etc. Once the profile is completed, you are provided with your own dashboard. CraneUp suggests profiles that you can connect to based on your Most Popular forums. It also allows you to explore and search for more profiles with which you can connect.


CraneUp-PopularRoomsPopular Rooms
Once you set up your profile, the tool recommends you about the best and popular rooms which you may find beneficial. Rooms here refers to the community or a group of people with a common interest as yours and with whom you connect to exchange ideas. The room page shows room information and statistics about that particular room with a short glimpse of the history.



CraneUp-EnterAChamberEnter a Chamber to have a Talk
With the rooms providing all information about the profiles of the communities. It allows you to immediately start a video chat searching the most suitable person for you and their availability. CraneUp lets you select your profiles among recruiter and candidate and lets you enter the chamber to start a conversation.



CraneUp-ConversationPageThe Conversation Page
Before bringing you to the conversation page, CraneUp finds an appropriate person for you to have conversation with and gives you a time of 25 seconds to prepare yourself for the meeting. The tool works only if there is a webcam attached to the desktop and a working camera in case of laptop computers. The conversation page shows description about the person with whom you are having conversation with, with the video streaming area.


CraneUp-RoomCreationAndSettingsCreate your Own Room
Along with some of the recommended conferencing rooms, the tool also allows you to create your own customized rooms applying settings as you want. For this all you need to do is to click on the “Add your Room” icon from the dashboard that will direct you to the “Room Creation and Settings” page where you can create your own room.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool is currently unavailable on mobile devices across iOS and Android platforms.


The tool offers the best of its support to its active users. You can make a call or email your issues or queries on the email ids for general, support and sales.


The tool integrates seamlessly with your Google account so that you can integrate and invite people via the social channel.

Pros and Cons of CraneUP


  • It is an efficient manner to collaborate and connect with people online.
  • The tool is highly intuitive and connects people in a hassle-free manner.


  • Screen sharing and Document Collaboration are some of the features that CraneUp lacks.
  • Recording the video conferences can also be an additional feature to add more vale to the product.

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  • Easy searching and exploring relevant communities and people.
  • The facility to make single or double status chambers lets you choose between profiles for communication purposes.

For more details, please visit: CraneUp website .

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