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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Online Accounting Tool Product Review – Sighted

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Sighted which is considered as one of the online accounting tool helps in sending professional quotes, manage clients, manage products & services, track time and expenses, send invoices, and accepts online payments. The tool lets you expediently make, print, and send invoices that make sense. Depending on your needs, you can modify the invoice for the requirement of your product or service. You can alter per hour, per assignment or per product and quantity. Furthermore, the tool helps you in attaching important files, billing in any currency and freedom over your invoice IDs. Moreover, you can check the status of your invoice and payments (unpaid, part-paid, and fully paid) and many more.

Overview of the Features

  • The high-class application which all immense companies have for a dime.
  • Inspiring and modified invoice and receipt designs for everybody
  • Fast recording of expense with the capability to accept attachments
  • Effortless Credit / debit card and PayPal integrated online payments
  • Profit & Loss, and other intellectual reports of business finance
  • Mobile-friendly and web-based for use on your tablet and smartphone

Editions and Pricing

Sighted offers a free trial for its users and provides the service of multi-currency, accepts online payments, profit & loss report, invoices and quotes 20 per month, 10 clients, and expenses 20 per month. Furthermore, it offers three pricing options for businesses, which include premium and super-premium. Moreover, the prices includes the following subscription plans.

Premium Rs. 359.28 per month ·  Multi-currency

·  Accepts online payments

·  Profit & loss report Invoices and quotes 50 per month

·  Unlimited Expenses

·   30 clients

Super Premium Rs. 1800 per month ·  Multi-currency

·   Accepts online payments

·  Profit & loss report Invoices and quotes 50 per month

· Unlimited Expenses

·  30 clients

·  Multi-users (options to hide invoices and information from other users)

· PDF templates with customization of what to hide/show

· Time tracker, and more


Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Home : When you will log in to the tool, at first, it will direct you to the home page. The home page will show you the graph of your income and expense. Furthermore, it will provide you the information about expenses, invoiced, and revenue. It will also show you your profit or loss based on the payment received on invoices.

Create New : When you will go to create an option, it will allow you to create a new invoice, expense, quote, client, service, and product. For creating new invoice, you will be asked to select client, payment option, and payment terms. Furthermore, it will give you the option to create a new service and add its cost price.

Manage : The manage feature will provide you the options to manage your invoices, expenses, quotes, clients, services, and products. You can add and manage all your payments over here and export them. It will further allow you to create your first product & service, and options to export and import it.

Reports : The report section will show you a summary of your income & expenses, monthly profit & loss. Furthermore, it will provide you the option to download a PNG image, JPEG image, PDF document, and SVG vector image. Moreover, in the profit & loss section it will show you your gross income, tax, net income, less expense, total expense, and in the end, it will calculate your profit or loss for the selected month(s).

Time Tracker : The time tracker feature will track the time and will generate the invoice accordingly. You can start the timer as per your convenience. It will further show you the project name, user name, work type, client, duration, and action. Moreover, it will provide you the option to search. It will generate the invoice according to the client and projects.

Mobile Accessibility

Sighted is available on all Android devices- as a web application, on tablets, and on your smartphones. You can download Android apps for your mobile and start using it anytime, anywhere


  • Feedback option
  • Help center


Sighted has no integration with other tools.

Pros and Cons of Sighted


  • Enable real-time access to financial information
  • Manage and create client records
  • Manage an organized list of services and products
  • Professional PDF design template
  • Import products, services, clients, and expenses


  • No online live chat support
  • Not available for iOS users


  • It offers friendly interactive graphic representation enabling real-time access to financial information.
  • Allow users to add more than one contact detail

For further details, please visit the Sighted Website.

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