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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Top accounting tools product review- Fentury


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Fentury is one of the top accounting tool for small business a fantastic tool that can help you to manage your business and its related finances. With an array of rich features and powerful support, this application can be a perfect Account partner for you and your business.

With mobile apps available for Android as well as iOS platforms, Fentury has become one of the leaders in Accounting software for small and medium business owners.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing and editions plans are as under:

Free 30 days free trial
Monthly Plan $4.99 monthly plan
Yearly Plan $49.99 annual plan

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Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The balance feature shows the current balance your account holds. The panel on the left side of the dashboard displays the balance in your account in INR. This section of the application shows all your transactions with the available balance. You can also search for deals and make changes such as:

  • Edit Selected
  • Mark as Transfer, and
  • Delete Selected

You can also add new operations through connecting to the bank or creating a wallet for the purpose.

Fentury-Wallets Wallets
This section displays wallets that are connected to your account. You can tap on the + button to create a new cash portfolio. You can also add an initial balance and choose the currency you need to operate in.



Fentury-ConnectAccountConnect Account
You can link your bank account here. One can also import bank statements, add e-wallets or another finance apps and get all the data automatically structured and updated for you. You can add details under the tabs:

  • Expense
  • Income, and
  • Transfer

You can keep your wallets up-to-date and add all the expenses, revenues or transfers you are making with your cash.

Fentury-TranscationFiltersTransaction Filters
This feature lets you filter out your trade and track the necessary information that you need with simple steps. You have options for
Transaction filter

  • Balance Dynamic
  • Category Breakdown
  • Monthly Turnover
  • Tags Overview
  • Account Grouping
  • Category Budgets
  • Daily Current Rates, etc.

Time Duration Filter

  • All Time
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last seven days
  • Last 30 days
  • This Month, etc.


  • Income
  • Expenses

Accounts- Your wallets Categories, Tags, Notes, etc.

  • Auto and Transport
  • Bills and Utilities
  • Business Services
  • Education
  • Entertainment, etc.

The budget section displays details about all the resources of your account. You can also add budget to get started.



The reports section will display analytic details about your transactions. The sections covered are:

  • All types
  • Expenses, and
  • Incomes

Mobile Accessibility

The application is available on Android and iOS platforms. This gives an extra level of flexibility to the application to be used.

External Integration

The application will integrate and connect with your bank account.


  • The application offers a chat support for all its account holders. You can send direct messages to the support team if you face issues using the form.
  • Fentury also offers a separate support section for all its users. The support section contains elements such as:
  • Guides
  • A.Q
  • Contact US, and
  • Blog

Pros and Cons of Fentury


  • Highly intuitive, easy to understand and use, also easy and quick setup.
  • Rich features make it one of the top accounting solutions.


  • It would be great if the application had a suspicious payment alert facility to update the user about any unauthorized transaction.
  • Advanced payment scheduling is another factor that can add value to this fantastic

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  • Analytics and filters make it easy to track changes and observe business transaction patterns.
  • Wallets help you distinguish cash flows as you wish.

For more details, please visit Fentury website.

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