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Monday , June 24 2024

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Top 10 Mobile Finance Apps (Both Android and iOS)

Top-10-Mobile-Finance-Apps-(Both Android and iOS)Managing money is getting easier day by day. People have started going to the bank less as the technology took over and started managing personal finance. In the top Android and iOS apps nowadays, you will always find an app that will help you manage your money.


Here is a list of the top 10 Mobile Finance apps, that can help you manage your money keeping the highest of security.

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Product Details

mint is used across the US and Canada only. This app for Android and iOS users have become one of the personal finance platforms. Mint offers a full touch to all your account balances and get updated in real time. It will categorize your transactions and tracks all your accounts efficiently. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad, and Web.
 venmo Venmo is a free application and service that lets you transfer cash from your friends. The app uses highly simple yet efficient methods for money transfer. This app strongly relies on the social platform. Still, its clear focus and strong execution make it one of the best all-around mobile payment system. Available for Android, iPhone, and The Web.
 leanvest LearnVest is a personal finance and education website. This is a compelling mobile app to monitor your money. This app is similar to Mint on many levels, although it is unavailable on the Android platform. This app offers plenty of reading material, both on the app as well as on the website.
 levelmoney Level Money can be an excellent finance partner when your financial transactions are not much complicated. This app can tell you how much you can afford to spend on an everyday basis. This app can help you keep your immediate finances on track if you are concerned about your daily savings. The app is available on Android and iPhone.
 Qapital Qapital motivates you to keep a watch on your daily expenses. This app helps you to make the goal of savings easy, although it is required for you to open a new savings account. This app also notifies you on the small transactions that can affect your saving goals. The app is available on iPhone only.
 paypal PayPal works best for people who use PayPal often and need to keep an eye on their account. This app lets you send payments, manage your account, request funds, view your recent transactions and even shop for food and movies. The app is available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and The Web.
 BudgetBoss Budget Boss is an intelligent application that can help you manage your money. The app is highly simple, easy to use and smart solution that will help you create a budget, evaluate its effectiveness and make informed decisions about your financial future. The application is available only for iPhone devices.
 Stash Stash Invest iPhone app help investors get started investing for their future. This app lets users buy, sell as well as monitor investment funds with a little amount of $5. This a rather simple app loaded with high-end features and notification options.
 pocketguard PocketGuard app connects directly to your bank account. This app always has access to your current transactions and balance. This app uses charts and graphs to denote the amount of money spent and helps to plan your operations efficiently.
 YNAB You Need A Budget is another app that helps you manage your finances better. This app is based on concepts that can help you save and plan every dollar you own, plan your infrequent expenses, learn how to manage funds when you overspend and live on the income of your last month. The app is available on the web, iPhone, and Android.


These finance apps have taken financial management to a whole new level. People are now using their mobile phones and computers to manage, save and transfer money through the internet and technology have undoubtedly helped them making it simpler.

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