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Friday , May 24 2024

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Top 10 BI Tools for Small and Medium Businesses 2022

As a massive volume of data is produced over the internet, and it is dominating the market like anything, it has become extremely important for businesses to work in the area of business intelligence. At the same time, managing the businesses is getting harder as this massive data is affecting the businesses in a significant way.

Therefore, small and medium businesses need help when it comes to making sustainable and profitable decisions. This can be done if they use some of the top-performing and highly professional Business Intelligence (BI) tools for small-medium business. These tools can help businesses to address the challenges in a more efficient and timely manner. The best part is, these tools are simple to use and does not require a professional IT team of experts.

The Business Intelligence tools help the managers and analysis to collect, monitor, analyze, and predict future business scenarios. This is done by making the best use of all the data that is associated with the business. The BI tools help the businesses to identify trends, develop powerful visualizations from the data, and present BI dashboards to manage and improve the standard business operations.

So if you want to make the best use of all the business data that you have, here are a set of top 10 BI tools for small and medium businesses.

Product Details
Oracle NetSuite It is a business management application having the capabilities to serve small to large businesses. The tool is easy to use, scalable and offers agile services that make it the best for small businesses. The tool also helps small businesses by cutting their IT costs by reducing the financial close time up to 50% and improving the performances of the overall cash cycle.
ZOHO Analytics ZOHO Analytics is a self-service business intelligence tool that allows its users to create interactive and insightful dashboards. The tool can visually analyze the data and give valuable insight to the business owners. The tool has an AI-powered assistant that asks questions to the users and gets intelligent answers. The tool is available both on-premise and on the cloud.
datapine Datapine is a BI application tool that allows you to connect your data from a number of sources. The solution also helps you to analyze the data with the help of some of the advanced features such as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. The application lets you create powerful and insightful dashboards that help to make better decisions. The tool has a highly intuitive drag and drops interface with multiple reporting options.
SAP BusinessObject SAP BusinessObject offers comprehensive reporting analytics and data visualization capabilities. The best part is, it offers Office integration with PowerPoint and Excel that allows you to create a live presentation and hybrid analytics. All this can later be connected with their on-premise and cloud SAP system. It has self-service capabilities that help in the data visualization activities allowing the users to create role-based dashboards.
IBM Cognos IBM Cognos is part of the Microsoft family and is a cloud-based business intelligence software application. The tool uses AI technology to generate recommendations in generating dashboards and business reports. The tool has a search mechanism that enables the users to access the recently used content within the system. All the searches can be filtered and saved for later.
MS Power BI MS Power BI is a proprietary platform that provides integration services, also making the best use of some applications to work with the analytical data. This is one of the most popular platforms used for the analysis services as well as the reporting services and master data services. The tool offers interactive reports and dashboards that run on Power Pivot.

Qlik and QlikSense

Qlik and QlikSense are some of the best analytics tools. It helps the managers to understand how data gets related and generate valuable information for the business. The tool comes with self-service visualization capabilities and guided and embedded analytics. The tool is also used in-memory indexing to maintain data relationships and serves multiple products.     
Tableau Tableau is one of the top-performing and easy to use data analysis and visualization tools. The application uses data exploration and data visualization using its in-memory architecture. One of the top qualities of the application is its ability to access data from a variety of sources and the feature to add data manually. The tool integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Share Point and also supports the mobile platform.
Dundass BI Dundass BI is a premium data reporting tool. It is a powerful application that simplifies the entire analytics process. It helps you make sense of the business data and help resolve the business problems in real-time. The application offers a highly intuitive and customizable dashboard. The tools offer rich and insightful visualizations that help in business forecasting.


GoodData is a rich and powerful business analytics software that offers features for data storage, processing, and visualizations. The application also helps the customers to develop and generate their own reports. Additionally, the tool offers a modular data pipeline to enable quick data integration with an open premise or a cloud warehouse.


Now that you are familiar with the top ten business intelligence and analytics tools look for the option that best suits your business. The right tool will help your business to collect data from different sources and in different formats such as CRM, ERP, flat files, API, databases, and much more. A high level of data intelligence will give you a better understanding of the collected information and make an informed decision at the right time.

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