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Monday , June 24 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- WhatsHelp


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WhatsHelp is a messaging solution to exchange messages or send out targeted notices to the customers. The tool integrates with popular mobile apps to complete this task. WhatsHelp helps your customers to ask questions and place orders in real-time through the apps directly.

The tool is ideal for a command and business work. Many companies are trying to use popular apps like WhatsApp and Messenger to improve sales and customer support. WhatsHelp has achieved it with a simple web app. The tool can prove to be useful for SMB’s, telecom, bank, e-Commerce, and FMCG.

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Editions and Pricing

The tool is in beta version and it available for free.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The users can chat directly from the tool’s web application. The conversations are simple and easy, similar to the actual tool.



The users can easily add, view and delete contacts on the tool. The list also shows the contacts that are online.



The tool provides analytics of the number of conversations and the conversation timings. The analytics can be selected for the required time span.



Additional Capabilities

The users can send news, notifications or any other important news that the clients have subscribed.

Creating bot for obtaining orders is easy and can be done in a minute.

Saved Replies
The replies can be saved to respond to the common questions.

Auto Messages
Using time and rules, the users can trigger messages automatically to retain the customers.

Assignment Rules
The conversation can be assigned to the right team member and the right team with the help of rules.

API and Integration
WhatsHelp can be integrated with other products used by your business.

Mobile Accessibility

The tool integrates with mobile apps like Messenger and Telegram, and so it is accessible on both iOS and Android platform.


The tool integrates with Facebook pages and mobile apps like Messenger and telegram.


The support for the tool is provided through instant chat. The users can also send an email to the address provided on their site for further help.

Pros and Cons of WhatsHelp


  • Easy to connect with apps.
  • Easy to form teams and analyse data.


  • Support with knowledge base could have been useful.
  • No tour or guide to explain the working process of tool.


The tool is a complete tool for case management, teamwork tools having access to multiple channels. The manual and automatic notification sending option along with analytics make it more attractive.

For more details, please visit WhatsHelp website.

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