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Thursday , July 18 2024

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BI Tools Product Review-

BI Tools Product review- Mrr.ioEvery person who has a SaaS business is worried about Monthly Recurring Revenue, one of the most important metric of a SaaS business. MRR helps you analyse your Monthly Recurring Revenue and if you are Paddle user, you are lucky to have MRR. MRR helps you handle VAT and PayPal charges via Paddle. MRR calculates not only the monthly recurring revenue but also other important metrics of a business that helps the users to manage their business.



Editions and Pricing

The application provides a 30 day free trial after which the user can use any of the two existing pricing plans. One is the Basic and other is the Pro plan. The Basic plan is free but the Pro plan has costs based on the number of paying customers. The prices are $19 per month for 250 paying customers, $69 per month for 1000 paying customers, $129 per month for 2500 paying customers and $199 per month for 5000 paying customers. If there are more than 5000 paying customers, you need to contact the team.

All metrics

Up to 3 team members

Up to 100 paying customers

Basic email reports

All metrics

Unlimited team members

Unlimited paying customers

Advanced email reports

Email Support

Cohort Analysis


Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Dashboard is the first screen where the user ends up when they first log in. The dashboard shows the related statistics.



product_review_mrr_import _from_appsImport data from other apps
The users can import data from Paddle account or Stripe account and the stats are based on the imported data.



product_review_mrr_bulk_importBulk Import
The application allows you to import bulk data from a CSV and Excel file. But to import data the users need to contact support.



Manual Data
The users can enter their data manually and get the statistics based on the entered data.



product_review_mrr_complete_dataBrief Data
The users can view the detailed data for monthly recurring revenue, net revenue, revenue churn, annual run rate, lifetime value, average revenue per customer, cohort analysis, paying customers, new paying customers, customer churn, refunds, new monthly recurring revenue, failed charges, upgrades and downgrades. The data is shown in graphical view for easy and better understanding.

Mobile Accessibility

The application does not provide any android or iPhone application for the smartphones. But you can still use the mobile browser.


The application allows the users to integrate with two application. The application or services that can be integrated are Paddle and Stripe.


The users provide a chat support but when the chat representatives are offline you can still send them a message.

Pros and Cons of


  • It provides a pay-as-you-go payment option, allowing you to cancel the subscription any time.
  • Helps you view and compare several metrics.
  • The app shows the percentage of raise or fall.
  • It allows the users to receive monthly and weekly reports.
  • Shows forecasting based on the historical data.


  • The application is focused to integrate with Paddle.
  • Fewer support options.


The application allows the users to manage their monthly recurring revenue and helping users to analyse their metrics quickly. It provides automated and precise results. The application also provides a flexible pricing plan.

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