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Friday , April 19 2024

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The Best Mobile Apps for Business Intelligence (BI)

The-best-mobile-apps-for-Business-IntelligenceThe need of mobile app for business intelligence (BI) has come into the picture when business owners felt like doing business just using devices whether it is a tablet or a smartphone. The mobile app lets the business owners to do their work using their palm-sized devices away from the office. They can upload data, analyze data and can have the insights into the reports. Here are the best mobile apps for BI :

Product Details
IBM_cognos IBM Cognos mobile extends interactive Cognos Business Intelligence to a broad range of mobile devices, including the Apple iPhone and iPad, Android phones, BlackBerry and Windows phones. Users can view and fully interact with Cognos reports, dashboards, metrics and other information. The application works on both online and offline.
Yellowfin Users can have many different databases and combine multiple data sources to create a single report or dashboard without having to build a data warehouse. The Java mobile app YellowFin presents users the same view in a browser. The mobile platform supported are android and iOS.
Microstrategy Micro strategy lets customers build mobile apps that deliver business intelligence and multimedia content based on information from existing business intelligence, ERP, CRM and other information systems. The supported platforms are Android and iOS.
roambi RoamBI does not have its own backend, but only presents the data generated by other BI software. It takes data from a variety of sources (including SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, Microsoft Reporting, Salesforce etc.) and presents the data on an iPad or iPhone. A free app, Roambi Lite is limited to analyzing spreadsheet data.
PushBI, as name suggests, makes existing business intelligence tools to go mobile by pushing data to devices either onsite or in the cloud. Since this product provides Web-based content, you must be connected to the Internet at all time to access information. It supports all the mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.
Birst mobile can be delivered on-premises via the cloud. Mobile users can access all of the dashboards with an iPad; there is no need to create separate dashboards for different devices. Birst for the iPad takes advantage of the iPad’s touchscreen interface, allowing users to swipe down to scroll through rows in a table and use the two-fingers-spread to zoom in.
SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile allows users access to reports, metrics and other data from smartphones and connected mobile devices. It provides robust analytics and interactive charts for the mobile workforce. Since this app uses the existing SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, it provides a strong level of security and flexibility. The app is free to existing BusinessObjects users.

QlikView is a Business Intelligence (BI) data discovery product for creating guided analytics applications and dashboards tailor-made for business challenges. It supports iOS and Android platform.
Cyfe With its cloud-based service and mobile app, Cyfe provides small business owners with one stop business dashboards. Dashboards are easy to set up and include widgets that connect to social media, marketing and sales data sources. Cyfe also connects to internal databases and lets user combine internal and external data to create dashboards. The platform supported are Android and iOS.
Jaspersoft Jaspersoft is a popular open-source platform that extends its BI functionality by supporting both a native app for the iPhone and browser-based architecture for the iPad. This lets users decide which option would be best suited for its needs. A mobile SDK is available for developers. The platform supported is iOS.


Since all these mobile apps have different functions but the purpose is the same – Business Intelligence. It depends on users how they utilize the apps. Use apps’ awesome features and make your business data analyzed anywhere anytime.

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