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Sunday , July 14 2024

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4 Top Customer Loyalty Software for Small Businesses

Struggling to build a loyal customer base? With effective customer loyalty software, you can set up and run different loyalty programs for your faithful customers to reward them and win repeat business.

As a small business owner, you must not be new to the struggles of gaining customer loyalty and reward the most lucrative customers. Precisely, making a base for such programs allows small businesses to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Notably, there are many customer loyalty tools. These tools help in managing numerous loyalty campaigns. However, they aren’t cheap, but if you have a budget to get one, then no need to worry. You can also opt for free software.

Here is a few top customer loyalty software to help your small business create regular customer engagement opportunities.

Guusto: Best Functionality

Guusto is one of the best customer loyalty tools made for customer rewards and incentives, which helps drive engagement, boost acquisitions, and increase loyalty and advocacy among the customers. It allows users to create a loyalty program for repeat customers. Furthermore, it lets users allocate a budget to the sales team to offer rewards, discount coupons, bonus gifts, and other incentives to loyal customers. In this software, users can also set up an advocacy program to incentivize customers for leaving positive reviews and testimonials. They can even create customized reports to assess the performance of the rewards program. The software is available for iOS and Android devices offering email, phone, and chat support.

Giftbit: Create Custom Reports

Giftbit is designed to make it easier for small business owners to fulfil and manage reward and incentive programs. The software is a loyalty management solution that lets users buy, send, and track digital gift card rewards. Furthermore, the tool offers a points-based rewards system that allows customers to earn points for every purchase they make and use the accumulated points to claim discounts and cashback. It includes a centralized dashboard to track the email campaigns and measure their impact on customer engagement. With this tool, you get various features such as corporate memberships, referral tracking, customer activity tracking, CRM, gift card system, loyalty card system, discount management, member portal, membership management, and rewards management.

Referrizer: Tracks Customer Engagement

Referrizer is a customer loyalty program software, which helps businesses to increase revenue via website traffic conversion. It helps in boosting retention by identifying the most loyal customers based on repeat purchases. The tool uses a points-based program to reward customers for every repeat purchase made by them. It also rewards customers for every recommendation they make about the business to their family or friends.

Furthermore, the software can be used to run a review program that allows only registered customers to post reviews on your website. This helps businesses to protect themselves against spammers or fake reviewers. Besides, the tool also prompts returning customers to submit reviews to help improve the online reputation of the business.

Yotpo: Measure Referral Campaigns’ Performance

Yotpo is a solution for the customer loyalty program that helps form custom rewards and referral programs. It provides a tiered program that rewards customers based on the purchases and referrals made by them. With this tool, users can offer multiple reward options, such as points, store credit, products, and discounts to customers. Furthermore, business users can also offer rewards based on customer behaviour, including the number of website visits, duration of visits, and cart value through this software. It also offers a program analytic feature so that users can measure the impact of their referral programs on customer engagement and retention. Besides, the software can also be integrated with social media platforms to encourage customers to make referrals through these channels.

How to choose the best customer loyalty tool for your business

Attracting new customers and retaining existing ones is a time-consuming task. While choosing a free customer loyalty tool for your sales and marketing teams, you need to understand what is required to make the jobs easier. Here are some of the considerations to understand before selecting the best customer loyalty tool:

Assess the number of referral programs the free tool lets you create

Free tools and software often limit the number of referral programs you can run. Therefore, before finalizing a solution, evaluate your requirements and choose a tool that lets you create and run as many referral campaigns as you wish.

Select a tool that allows customization

Every business has unique offerings, and so are the customer loyalty programs. While selecting among the top customer loyalty program, make sure it is customizable enough to create referral programs as per your branding needs and customer requirements.

Choose a tool that does not limit social media integrations

Free customer loyalty tools may not have sufficient social media integrations to start a multichannel referral program. If your target audience is widespread, then make sure to select a solution that supports multichannel engagement.

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