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Thursday , July 18 2024

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5 Tips to Get More From Your Google Search Campaign

Google Search campaign is a nifty feature presented by Google Ads. The primary focus of such campaigns is to increase the amount of organic traffic received by your website. Search campaign allows you to place your ads among the wide variety of searches performed on the search engine. The campaign is easy to set up and promotes highly relevant targeting. However, your ad campaign could remain ineffective due to the large number of businesses advertising on Google platforms.

Hence, here we present a list of five expert tips provided by industry experts on how to optimise your Google Search campaign.


Your ad campaign will be driven by the keywords you provide during your ad setup. These headers should be relevant and highly specific to the product you are selling. Bids on the keywords determine your advertisement’s rank during a Google search. Bidding on the right words will lead to higher conversion rates and increase traffic on your website. Hence, extensive keyword research is vital to the sustainability of an ad campaign.

Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and Spyfu are some of the expert keyword planner available in the market. Google Trends and Keyword Planner are free to use, and third-party tools such as Spyfu require upfront payment for processing.


Google searches are based on user demands and current trends. It is a dynamic process with no guarantee for stability. This fluidity negatively affects search campaigns. The advertisers that rely on Google traffic estimations are often misled as these estimations are rarely correct. An advertiser should be highly active and adaptable to budget their bids efficiently. At the start of a campaign, regular hourly supervision of CTR, conversion rates, and other metrics will help you analyse keywords and ad placement viability. Budget allocation should also be monitored, and the advertiser should be ready to adapt quickly.

Account Structuring

The Google Ad account should be highly structured and business-specific. All the products and services advertised should be under suitable ad groups and not cluttered. Search campaigns can easily become unorganised and inefficient due to poor structuring. An ad group consists of the keyword list and ads generate for a product. Similar products are added under the same ad groups as the same keywords relate to them. Such an organisation will let you analyse the efficiency of keywords much better. Of course, this is also a dynamic process, and the ad groups that work today might not work tomorrow.

Descriptions and Headlines

The headline and description you provide for your ad is the first thing that potential customers view. As a result, professional headline generation is crucial to conversion rates. Presentation of ideas that make your business look unique should be the primary concern. Ads are every so often blended with other ads from similar businesses. Google has an ad ranking system that grades ads based on their quality. Hence, you should test new attention-grabbing headlines for higher CTR (Click-through rates) and lower CPC (cost-per-click).

Benefits of search term analysis

Search terms are actual words typed by potential customers. By monitoring search terms that lead to clicks on your ads, you can optimise your keyword list constantly and efficiently. A high performing keyword can be added to the exact match keyword list as well. Analysing search terms also reveal the negative keywords. These negative keywords push your ads on irrelevant searches leading to more irrelevant customers and higher CPC. Hence, these keywords should be blacklisted to prevent your ads from showing up on irrelevant searches.

Google Ad account setup might be very easy. However, its maintenance can be a challenging and tedious task. Businesses that are unaware of the common pitfalls blame search campaigns for their inefficiency. Follow these basic tips for a smoother and successful campaign. However, Google Search campaigns can still be a complex task. To help ease your concern, visit us for a more detailed analysis of search campaigns.


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