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Friday , May 24 2024

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10 Growth Hacking Tools for Marketers

10-growth-hacking-tools-for-marketersGrowth hacking has been causing confusions in marketer’s communities for its ambiguous terminology. What the heck growth hackers do? Do they use coding? It might seem heckle and interesting as well. The digital marketers who do focus on the growth of small business or startup can perform growth hacking using some extremely featured tools.

Growth hacking tools are too smart to fulfill the goals of marketing in the right manner. Whether it is traffic acquisition, lead and customer acquisition, market research, email marketing or marketing automation, the tools cover all the marketing techniques efficiently. This makes easy for the customers to be engaged with the products and services, and for marketers to gain the attention of the targeted audiences. Here are the best 10  growth hacking tools for marketers:

Product Details
growth-hacking-colibri.io Colibri.io tool lets you track your customers where they are getting engaged online so that you can join them with relevant topics. The tool is integrated with google analytics. It can be used for monitoring and SEO that exponentially increase visibility.
growth-hacking-bounce-exchange Bounce Exchange tool helps marketers to track visitor’s activities, for example, when the visitor is about to leave your website, you can send an invite and convert leads into customers. This enhances the conversion revenue and is featured with A/B testing.
growth-hacking-kissmetrics Kissmetrics is very thorough to find visitor’s behavior on your website. It lets you take the insights of leads when you come across with them. You can do traffic acquisition and analytics all in the one place, the Kissmetrics dashboard.
growth-hacking-crazyegg Crazy Egg tool shows you how visitors are behaving like where they are clicking and where they stop reading or watching and more. Its unique visual read out understands a visitor’s experience and improve the areas where they tend to leave.
growth-hacking-unbounce Unbounce tool is the landing page builder for marketers that lets the user build, publish and A/B test landing pages. It empowers marketers to act independently, improving their efficiency and their ability to generate sales. The best thing is that no coding is required to create a form.
growth-hacking-optimizely Optimizely tool allows you to A/B test your landing pages simply and is very helpful to deploy the changes.  It has the ability to find a design that provides the best end-user experience and gains the highest number of converting leads.
growth-hacking-social-mention Social mention tool enables you to find out exactly who is talking about your brand and what they are saying on various social networks, ranging from blog mentions to social media sites.It gives you an in-depth look into your brand’s social interaction and helps to develop better strategies for social media.
growth-hacking-sendwithus Sendwithus tool is basically an intersection of Email marketing and A/B Testing. It allows editing of the transactional email for the non-developer growth hacker. Marketers use it to track email-driven revenue and manage engagement.
growth-hacking-mailchimp MailChimp tool is prominently known for customized email marketing. The features of the tool include subscriber profiles, automation, advanced analytics and flexible design options.  It has some advanced features as well, such as listing management, targeted emails based on website activity, segmenting etc.
growth-hacking-intercom.io Intercom.io tool is basically used to organize helpdesk, email marketing, and customer engagement. It lets you take an insight into visitor activities with reports and statistics. With this tool, you have access to data for various aspects of your content strategy.


These Growth hacking tools transform the results and be productive for your business. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you use these tools in the right manner and at the fullest for massive outcomes. The tools are aimed to increase conversion ratios, automate a process and attract traffic. Choose one that suits your business or startup and grow more.

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