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Friday , May 24 2024

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How Small Businesses can make the best from Facebook

Facebook has undoubtedly grown to be the biggest social media giant on the globe. The platform currently has 2.7 billion active users making it one of the most important platforms for small businesses and social media marketing activities.

This makes it important for every small business to be actively present on Facebook as it gives the small business a number of ways of business promotion, boosts recognition, and increase customer support. Facebook marketing strategies might differ as its rules change with the change in the trends. However, if the right strategies are put into place, Facebook is one of the best ways to target the right audience.

Small businesses can find a lot of information about improving their business services. They can also use paid campaigns to target the right audience for their brand. Thus, small business must develop their Facebook page. This is an effective tool to increase the reach of your brand.

More About the Facebook Business Page

Businesses can create their Facebook business page on this platform. This is a free web page on the platform to mark their internet presence. Just like a Facebook profile, a Facebook business page is able to post updates, receive notifications, like, comment, send and receive messages and share the other Facebook user’s content.

Facebook now has several business pages. It is now your responsibility that your page stands out from the rest of the crowd. This is required to draw significant attention towards your brand.

Why a Business must have a  Facebook page

A Facebook page created for a company can be valuable in several ways. Here are some things that the page can do.

  1. Mention your Basic Content Information: Facebook can become the one-stop shop to mention relevant information about your business. You can mention your products and services here. You can also share details about your phone numbers, address, email address, or any other contact information.
  2. Customer Engagement: It is evident that not even your most loyal customers spend time on a daily basis to check what you are up to. For this, you have to share updates about your business processes. A Facebook page can be the best place to post about your latest offers, discounts, products and services with your current and potential customers. Similarly, the Facebook pages can also be used to resolve customer queries posted by them. Such active engagement with the customers will show them that you value their concerns and are willing to resolve them. This also shows your dedication to your business.
  1. Know your Audience: Facebook for business has a set of tools that can help businesses determine the demographics of their audience. All the data that is provided can be used to develop a robust demographic marketing plan for your small business. This is a good way to target your audience.
  2. Reduced Marketing Costs: Developing a starting a Facebook business page is free of cost. Similarly, many of the marketing features on the page are free of cost as well. It is thus budget-friendly to integrate a Facebook page into your marketing strategy. This also helps a small and medium business to reach more people in a limited amount of time. Increase in Web Traffic: When a Facebook business page is linked to your business website, it will pull traffic directly to it. People will read more about your business, and there might be chances that they buy more products and services from your website when they come from a Facebook page.
  3. Improved SEO: More than just a social media presence, the Facebook business pages are also helpful to accelerate your rankings in the search engine queries.

So how do you create a business Facebook page?

Now that you know some of the benefits of creating and using your Facebook business page, it is also important for you to know how to create one.

  1. Creating the page: The first thing you need to do to set up your Facebook business page is to select the right type of account. Do not forget that you are creating a Facebook page and not a profile. Other than the personal profile, a business page is a professional profile that is designed to be available for the public. Facebook users just have to click on the Like button to start getting updates on their page.
  2. Answer Questions by Facebook: The one primary thing you need to have to create a Facebook business page is a personal profile. You then only need to do is to follow the instructions given by the platform to create a business page. Facebook will require you to add some information such as business category, business name, phone numbers, and address. It is important to include as much information as possible. This will make it easy for the customers to easily recognize your page and relevant information about your business.
  3. Add Profile and Cover Photos: The next thing you need to do is to add photos to your profile. Add profile photos and cover images on your Facebook business page. Having an attractive graphic on your profile will increase engagement with your business.
  4. Fill the page sections: Facebook urges you to fill all the sections to complete the creation of a business page. The below section shares some of the areas that you need to enter details into.
  • Home: This is the place where all your posts and updates are visible. This is also the first page that is visible to the users when they visit your page.
  • About: This is one of the most important parts of your business page. This should be filled with your business details, address, hours of operation, and website URL.
  • Community: Photos, videos, and posts from the people can be seen at this place. People can also check into the store at this place. This is the place where you, as a business, interact with the customers and learn more about your company.
  • Events: The Events pages helps you to promote your business events. Once you create an event on Facebook, you can invite people and share specific business information about it, all in one place.
  • Information and Ads: This is the place that will show your visitors any ads your company is running currently.
  • Offers: This section can be used by small businesses to post any discounts or deals. This is one of the easiest ways to encourage people to come to your Facebook page.
  • Posts: This part of the page shows all your posts, also showing the timeline photos and updates.
  • Reviews: Under this tab, the customers can write a review about your products and services. They can also write down their recommendations about your business. The ratings given at this place are shown at the top of your page. You can also hide the reviews tab that you do want to. Reviews also help to verify your business in the market.
  • Services: You can showcase all the services on this page. This place also helps you to add information related to your speciality with the help of images, descriptions, and pricing.
  • Photos: This tab shows all the photos that you have posted on your timeline.
  • Shop: All the inventory can be seen on this page, which allows people to buy your products directly from Facebook. This is an easy way to start selling online as all the money directly reaches your bank account.

The best way to promote your business on social media is to target the right audience. At the same time, creating and advertising events on social channels will help you propagate your business immensely.


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