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Sunday , July 14 2024

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How SMBs are not saving much with free translators

As the famous quote by Ted Hughes, The Tiger’s Bones, “Nothing is free. Everything has to be paid for”. The free translators on the internet have a price to be paid too. The translators are getting hugely and widely used across the globe and translating almost 100 plus languages. Till 2020 Google registered 133 languages that can be translated by the tool. It is a machine-translated version of any script or document that translates word to word in the other language irrespective of retaining the meaning, flow and grammar. This process gives unpredictable results as it can’t be checked whether it is correct or not. No doubt these translators, especially Google translators, have made it convenient to communicate in any language and express the gist of the sentence to the receiver; however, it has to be analysed how far it can be used for professional use for SMBs. 

Translators are quite inexpensive and fast for use compared to a professional in a team. Easily accessible for the user and very user-friendly, getting a professional translator for the desired language is quite a task. Google translator uses a statistical method to translate frequently translated phrases, making the translated phrase more relevant.

However, the number of errors in the translated script can’t be overlooked. While the translator translates word to word, in the process, the meaning of the sentence gets diverted and changed. The complexity level of the sentence increases, making it hilarious and blundering sometimes. Translating an intellectual work is not advisable in an automatic translator as it requires knowledge and skill in the field to translate the same accurately. Local essence may get missed in the transition making the phrase bland. Professional translators tend to maintain the emotional flow same while translating. Translators are often more accurate for the most translated languages, that is, English and Spanish, while other languages translated versions can’t be trusted at once. Crosschecking the translated version is a difficult task and will require professional help. In a recent case, where the Malaysian defence minister used a Google translator to produce an English version of their website, a hilarious and nonsense outcome was the most famous incident to take warning from. 

An online translator can be used and would be of great rescue for personal use for communicating non-officially or exploring a foreign language. Professionally it is not advisable or can be used with a strict disclaimer. For example, a company that wants to publish their balance sheet in many different languages may use the google translator and mention in the highlight that it is a machine automated translated work. For any query, contact the mentioned person. In this way, it will be safe to play in the market. Professionals must strictly translate long messages and drafts for fully assured content.

As it is a known fact that it takes years and so much effort to make a brand stand and popularise, it can be concluded that SMBs can’t afford to use the free translation for business and professional use. Although small words and mathematical diagrams can be translated for quality, it is advisable to take professional support for any other drafts.

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