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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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How to Protect your Business Data From Disaster

The loss of data is said to be one of the deadliest disasters that can occur in a business. A business can lose its data due to several reasons that can be human errors, technical mistakes, or a natural disaster. Sometimes unforeseen reasons can make you lose your valuable information and finances.

One of the simplest unforeseen events can be a fire that breaks out in the office or the server room. This can make the crucial client data inaccessible. In such cases, if the business has a backup plan, it becomes easy for it to retrieve the lost data and carry on its business activities.

Here are some of the ways that will make sure that your data stays safe and secure.

Frequently Testing of Data Recovery Solution

The best way is to frequently test your data recovery options. You should conduct frequent testing to assure that your data recovery mechanism is working fine as it has to store vulnerable data of the client as well as for the business.

Your backup for the business must be reliant enough to keep a firm backup for your essential business activities. In the case of an emergency, the data must be immediately accessible for you. It is thus important for you to have regular tests on your data recovery plan. You must be able to restore data from this place without hampering the business continuity.

Employ and Use Multi-Factor Authentication

One of the most critical security features is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). This is important to protect your data from attacks. The latest

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report states that MFA is important because it protects crucial credentials from being stolen or compromised.

This is a second factor that adds to the overall authentication process. This will keep your accounts safe. You need to ask your employees to enter more than just a password to gain access to their data. This will make it harder for criminals to access critical business information.

Ask the Employees to regularly backup data

Employees are now working remotely and now are not as vigilant as they are in the office when it comes to keeping a data backup. This can put the data at a greater risk. You have to encourage your employees to be responsible for the business information and keep a regular backup of all the data they are dealing with.

For this, one of the popular approaches is 3-2-1-1 data protection strategy. This approach requires you to have three backup copies on two different media devices. This can be either a disk or a tape. One of these copies must be located offside to make a disaster recovery. On the other hand, the second copy is immutable object storage.

Prioritize Data Protection

You must implement a data storage solution that can protect the business data from human error no matter where it lives, on the cloud, offside, or on-premises.

It is highly recommended to a user the next-generation solutions for immutable object storage. These mechanisms will help to safeguard the business data from human error by taking snapshots of that data every few seconds.

Immutable data stores make it very easy for you to restore at any time. So you need to put the right strategies and systems in place to prevent the loss of data even in an adverse event to save your reputation and revenue.

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