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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Arc

Marketing-Tools Product-review-ArcThe teams can focus on their Google analytics with the help of Arc. Most people find it annoying and difficult to analyse graphs and tables. To overcome it Arc comes into action by explaining the analytics in a message that is short and easy to read. In this way, the team is informed which helps in better decisions making.




Editions and Pricing

The application is free to use and does not charge any price for sign up or usage.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_arc_sign_upEasy Sign Up
The users can quickly sign up. All the users need to do is add their slack domain, email id and password of slack.



Add Google Account
The users can link many Google accounts for a single arc account.



The users can create summaries for the Google account, and it is delivered to the slack account.




product_review_arc_time_zoneTime Zone
The users can select the time zone so that the message can be delivered according to the users time zone.


Mobile Accessibility

The product does not have any mobile applications. The users can still use the product from mobile browsers.


The product integrates with Slack account and Google accounts.


A list of FAQ’s is provided for the users to help. The users can send mail email also to the Arc. The users can also send feedback from slack using slash command.

Pros and Cons of Arc


  • Straightforward and easy statistics as a message.
  • Easily get details about web activity.


  • It is not a stand-alone product.
  • Users can link only Google accounts.


The product automatically provides the web activity details every week. The message also shows the comparative data from the previous weeks.

For more details, please visit Arc Website

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