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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- EchoRank

Marketing tools-product-review-echorankSocial media now a days is playing a vital role in digital marketing. People are concerned about the virality of their content. But measuring the virality manually and drilling down various pages and tweets can be difficult. This is where EchoRank enters the field.

EchoRank allows publishing through the platform and it tracks everything irrespective of the fact that the content is published through the platform or not. EchoRank helps you analyse how your content is spreading and being viral beyond your close and immediate audience. The platform does not create viral contents, it just recommends the viral words and hashtags and the people responsible for the virality.

Editions and Pricing

The application comes in two editions. One is the Free plan and the other is the Pro plan. The Pro plan comes with a 30 day free trial and starts with $100 per month per profile.

FREE $0 ·         Social Media Publishing

·         Post Analytics

·         Industry Rankings

·         Viral Recommendations

PRO 1 – 9 Profiles $100 per profile ·         Social Media Publishing

·         Post Analytics

·         Industry Rankings

·         Viral Recommendations

·         Social Profiles

·         Channel Profiles

·         Social Analytics

·         Follower Tracking

·         Competitor Leaderboards

10 – 49 Profiles $75 per profile
50 – 99 Profiles $60 per profile
100 – 499 Profiles $45 per profile
500 – 999 Profiles $25 per profile
1000 – 4999 Profiles $20 per profile

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The performance and the rank of your brands can be measured easily. You can find your viral amplification score, viral growth rate, global content penetration rate and follower penetration.




product_review_echo_rank_track_channelsTrack Channels
The users can track their channels and know the popularity of their channels. The users can track their Spotify, Vebo, SoundCloud, iTunes and YouTube channels. You can monitor which conversation and influencers generate more virality to your channels and contents.



The users can publish on Facebook and Twitter. You can automate and schedule your social media ads. The users can track their virality, shares and clicks.



Know your ranking among your competitors. Gain insights of audience demographics, drill down to most viral Tweets and pages and many more.



Mobile Accessibility

The application does not have apps for the mobile phones but it can still be accessed from the mobile browser.


The application integrates with Facebook and Twitter and are certified Facebook and Twitter data partners.


The team provide support through email. The users can also contact the team on Twitter and Facebook.

Pros and Cons of EchoRank


  • Publish on Facebook and Twitter directly from the platform.
  • Statistics with graphical representations makes analysis quicker.
  • Feature to drill down to measure the virality.


  • Card details are needed for free trial of Pro plan.


Allowing the users to publish directly on Facebook and Twitter from the platform and features to track all the required metrics make it stand out from the crowd.

For more details, please visit: EchoRank website.

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