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Monday , June 24 2024

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Product tactics for getting visitors through growth hacking

Product-tactics-for-getting-visitors-through-growth-hackingThis is the most exciting part of growth hacking- where you use the power of your product to get visitors. The effect that this tactic produces cannot be replicated by either push or pull tactics because you not only succeed in getting visitors through the top of the funnel, but actually get to drive them through the bottom where they become your regular users. Also, with push and pull tactics, visitors eventually start decreasing, as opposed to that, if you manage to get visitors, solely on the basis of your product, it is likely that the visitors will bring along their network of friends. Here you can achieve virality in its true sense. But, you should know that product virality is not an easy thing to achieve.
The different product tactics used for getting visitors are as follows:

Using social network

Use the social network to create a buzz around your product. Let people share their opinions about your product with others. Allow people to post about your product on Facebook. These posts are visible to their whole network of friends. You can add options to share your posts on all social channel. This is very easy to do as most social channels provide code snippets for that. This way you don’t miss a chance to market your content on different channels.

Integrate API with social networks

This is an awesome way of growth hacking your product. Here, you integrate your product API with an existing social network. Now, you actually allow them to share the experience of your product while performing their social activities. You offer to enrich their social experience which has got to make them fond of your product. But you should keep in mind that here, the social platform you use is in a dominant position.

Use the existing networks

People already have an existing network of relationships. All you’ve got to do is use those networks to your advantage. You can access your users’ contact lists to send invitations. You can obtain their email contact lists and also their contacts on social networks and use them to send invitations to use your product.

The backlink tactic

You can send emails or add popups on your websites with backlinks to your product inserted into them.

Offer rewards

You can offer rewards to your users for inviting others to use your product. Choose a reward such that it looks valuable to the user, but does not cost much to you.

Word of mouth

This is something which is totally out of your hands except from the fact that you can design a product that compels your users to tell other people about it. There are some qualities though that can make your product sharable in this manner. Some of these qualities are simplicity, pain relieving capability, emotional connect, coolness factor, uniqueness or some surprise element.

The Bottom Line

There’s no single tactic that can guarantee success for your product. It is always a combination of several good tactics skillfully woven together to achieve a set target. Keep experimenting to discover new things that can or cannot work for your product.

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