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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review – Whatagraph

technology-tools-product-review-whatagraphHaving an online presence of your website is one of the essential features of any business. The very first thing any intended customer searches in business is a site that is an abstract of the respective business that offers a product or a service. This is a place, which, today engages with and brings in most of the firm.

There, this makes every business to make a striking impression on the internet, to keep oneself updated and to meet the market needs. Whatagraph is one such amazing tool that helps you know how your website and your social profiles have been performing.  This is a modern technology application that can help you stay connected with your audience.

Editions and Pricing

Personal 1 Trackable Website
Pro 3 to 10 Trackable Websites
Agency 50 to 100 Trackable Websites

Whatagraph also offers a 14- day free trial for all its users.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

whatagraph-thedashboardThe Whatagraph Dashboard
The application provides a highly intuitive dashboard. This feature allows users to access sections of the application right from one single place. You can access areas such as:


  • Manage Accounts
  • Subscription
  • User Information
  • Custom Reports, and
  • Whitelabel

whatagraph-manageaccountsManage Accounts
You can easily manage accounts that are connected with Whatagraph. This application is flexible to work with a number of applications, such as Google Analytic Site, Facebook Page, etc. You can reset settings about when you wish to receive reports after the analysis. Whatagraph can also send you report right inside your inbox.


Whatagraph-CustomReportsCustom Reports
This section helps you to get an insight into the performance of your online presence. Reports section provides default reports about how your website is interacting with the visitors. This section has two options for the same: Basic, and Pro.


The Basic Plan offers a visual overview of key performance indicators about your website. This feature shows tracked the number of visitors, sessions, page views as well as helps you to compare and track most popular traffic channels.

The Pro Plan, in addition to all above features, offers advanced insights about your website. This plan helps you to compare the top performance traffic channels, check advanced bounce % exit rate statistics, page load time and many more features.

A Preview and Duplicate option are available for both of these reporting features.

This is an advanced feature and is only available for the Agency Plan. Under this plan, you can build your company profile and add features such as:

  • Upload company Logo
  • Change Color Scheme
  • Customize report emails, etc.


whatagraph-updateuserinformationUpdate User Information
Once you start working with Whatagraph, you can update your profile. The application allows you to update details in the fields:


  • Personal Information
  • Company Details, and
  • Change or Reset Password

Mobile Accessibility

This fantastic application is available on mobile devices and across platforms such as Android as well as iOS. This feature makes it more flexible and convenient to use when you are on a go.


Whatagraph integrates with your Facebook profiles integrating your Facebook business pages to keep you updated. Additionally, it also integrates with your Google Analytics Site to report on its performance. Broadly, platform on which it integrates are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter( Coming soon), and
  • Google


  • Whatagraph offers a powerful online chat support. Users can chat right inside the account to resolve any issues.
  • The chat section inside the account also helps through a short and informative video about the product.

Pros and Cons of Whatagraph


  • Simple and flexible to use.
  • Reports can be downloaded and saved in PDF and Excel file formats for future.
  • Visual reporting technique makes it easy to track performance and finally leads to informed business decisions.


  • The Dashboard icon does not direct control over to the main user dashboard.


  • Visual and more intuitive reporting capabilities.
  • In-depth analysis of the key performance indicators such as traffic flow.

For more details, please visit Whatagraph website .

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