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Sunday , July 14 2024

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What is Customer Delight and what makes them Coming Back

When the customers remember you, it is believed that you have achieved success. This is indeed difficult to achieve as it requires a lot of fineness, and this is the place where customer delight comes into the picture. The concept of customer delight is beyond providing some of the greatest products and services to the customers. It is all about showing how you care about your customers in ways that the customers never expected.

It is said that customer delight takes place when you surprise the customers in a way that makes them extremely happy and gives them unexpected joy. They not only feel positive but also talk about it to other people.

Some of the industry experts say that delighting the customers is not a rule-based science. Rather, it comes from understanding the clients and showing them that you care about them.

Customer Delight Defined

You do not have to spend a lot of money to achieve customer delight. You just need to be creative and go the extra mile to reach the customer in some of the most unique and ever-changing ways. If this activity is done in the right way, it leaves the customers mesmerized and sought for more from the business. In fact, they become your brand ambassadors who spread information about your business and the ways in which it has surpassed their expectations.

The key to making this happen is to know the customers in the best possible way. You might fail in your attempt to meet customer delight if you do not know about your customers.

The process to create customer delight is unique to your business. This is all about giving the customers an experience that generates enthusiasm and excitement in them. The overall idea is to generate customer loyalty.

Customer Delight is Different from Customer Loyalty

It is important for you to understand that customer satisfaction is different from customer loyalty. Customers who are satisfied with your products or service might still leave your business. Customer loyalty is not generated but gives the customers just the products or services they spent money for. It is all about going above and beyond to surprise your customers.

Why is Customer Delight Important?

Customer delight before the pandemic era was a nice add on. After the pandemic, it has become a necessity. The pandemic left people with two choices. The first one was to pivot to the new business model. The second was to stay in the same situation and hold on to the current customers in hand. The business that took the second choice had to go with customer delight.

Here are some of the additional benefits of customer delight that businesses must understand.

  1. Customers feel valued: Customers are more attracted towards businesses that care for them and appreciate them for being part of the overall business structure. If the business goes the extra mile to show this appreciation, they will be more loyal to your brand all the time. Customers will also feel valued when you listen to them and proactively answer their queries. Paying attention to the customers will find new opportunities to delight them and strengthen your relationships with them.
  2. Customers will start sharing your word: Customers who feel delighted by being part of your business will become your promoters. Customer delight will convert into word to mouth marketing. This is said to be the cheapest and the most effective way to carry out marketing. The happy customers will share their excitement with their friends, family, and coworkers. They might even post on social media about you, and this will become a marketing campaign itself.
  3. Increased Revenue: The delighted customer will spend more on your products and services. They will tend to stick to the business that makes them happy.
  4. It creates your brand value: Business reputation is the factor that makes it successful in the market. Managing social media effectively is not an easy task. Negative reviews on Facebook and Twitter can hamper your sales. In such conditions, if you give your customers delight, it will act as a cushion to save your business. Also, if you have brand ambassadors that support your business and its products, they will save you from any negative comments.

So how to delight customers?

There can be a number of ways to delight the customers. This can be as lavish as a credit card company giving VIP tickets for its exclusive events. Or, it can be as simple as giving a handwritten thank you note to the customers with their orders. In any of the ways, the customers must feel delighted and valued by the business.

  1. One of the easiest ways to delight the customer is to reduce the response time limits. Customers usually remember the companies that did not keep them waiting for long to answer their queries or respond to them.
  2. You can provide 24-hour customer service. This is also a quick and easy way to keep them attracted to the business.
  3. Adding unexpected extras to the delivery is another way to delight the customers.
  4. Giving discounts on the items, they have purchased delights the customers, especially on their birthdays.

Delighting the customers cannot be done quickly and easily. It will take time and needs to be carried out following the strategy of trial and error to get it right. At the same time, this cannot be done in a vacuum and needs to be done with the support of customer feedback.

Writing a thank, you note with the product will not serve it all. You need to determine what will be its impact the customer and how it will make them come back to the business.

The best way to measure the level of customer satisfaction. A survey to know whether they are ok with the service provided will create a baseline for customer delight. Businesses can also share some open-minded questions to collect customer feedback. Find the sweet spot for the customers and make your best move to keep loyal to the business.


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